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Xolo Q900

Xolo Q900 smartphone with 4.70-inch 720x1280 display powered by MediaTek processor alongside 1GB of RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Great Product and gud price from Flipkart Your Review cannot be empty. Please make sure your review contains at least 100 characters.
    Lucky St (Jan 31, 2019) on Flipkart
    Your Review cannot be empty. Please make sure your review contains at least 100 characters.Your Review cannot be empty. Please make sure your review contains at least 100 characters.Your Review cannot be empty. Please make sure your review contains at least 100 characters.
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  • Awesum Phone. Detailed Review.MUST READ
    Taranjeet Singh on Flipkart
    1. DISPLAY--> Super clear HD(1280x720) and crispy sharp screen with true vivid colours.Touch is very smooth(better than Q800 nd cnvs HD). Its claimed as Retina DIsplay(312ppi) which is far better than MMX and viewing angles are decent though. Under sun screen visibility Ok. Dot Matrix is visible on screen with white backgrnds but its common nowadays. 2.Performance. Being a quadcore Ui is lag Free and game play is also smooth. 1 gb ram is sufficient (u'll get ~600 mb free). I tried GTA vice City and dead trigger all are running buttery smooth. UI sumtimes hangs ~1sec( cz i installed too many apps). 3. Software Q900 comes with 4.2.2 JB, which is fast and smoother. Many preinstalled apps Xolo secure, Power and care. u can disable them in settings>apps. 4.Camera xolo is famous for its cameras. and here q900 has 8mp with bsi sensor very gud pics in daylight and also in night(set ISO to 1600 for better pics in night). HDR mode pics are too gud. Colours are original and vivid. Size of Photo ~3mb it allows u to record 1080p @30fps with greatt quality but format of vdo is .3gp :( 5. Battery Sum users may disappoint due to 1800mah battery. But ull get enough juice for daily usage. after full charge it may last upto ~4.30 hrs not bad. Battery drops frm 100%to 5 after 2hrs of gaming, 1/2hr of calls, 1hr of 3g,wifi , 1hr of vdos, . :D. but HD screen drains battery fast. Here are tweaks For q900 by me. a) Install DU battery save pro. It provides healthy charge(2.5hr to full chrge.) and last whole day with moderate usage. 4hr f games continously or 6 hrs of vdo playback when fully charged. b)kepp brightness 20% and set DARK wallpapers( it really works) USE SONY POWER BANK CP-V3 portable charger which provides extra juice to phone. easy to carry, small size. Its of 2800mah means it cn chrge ur phone 1.5times. Jus plug n play and cost u around 1K. then ull get 1800+2800=4600mah unlimited fun :D :D -> apps movable to sd card. ->4.2.2 with more features. ->Modified UI ( Icon copied from Touchwiz :P) ->Data cable copy of apple and headphones r copy of lumia nokia. ->better build as phone drpped 2-3 times, nthing happened to phone. -> BUy MATT screen Guard. -> all sensors except gyro. -> Install Poweramp music playr, Camera Zoom Fx, Clean Master, quickpic, avg antivirus, blackmart , dolphin browser, Mx player, Officesuite, Swifkey Keyboard( These are MUST HAVE apps). ->charge ph.when battry below 20% . ->with sony portable chrger, chrge ph when in pocket or when idle I Bought headphones of sound magic(best) f Rs.550 and Matt screen Guard Rs100, Flip cover, Mem card 16gb Rs.600. and 2 yrs insurance Rs.1200 THIS IS THE 15DAYS EXPERIENCE REVIEW. HOPE IT MAY HELP YOU.
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  • scores by xolo q900
    Darshit R. on Flipkart
    AnTuTu benchmark 14800 good Nenamark 2 43 fps average quadrant score 4800 excellent playing games like subway surfers,temple run Oz,dead trigger 2 is flawless but high end games like asphalt 7,8 and NFS MW is littlebit lags. at this price the phone is really great. alternatives:Sony xperia M which has high nenamark 2 score63 fps but 10800 on AnTuTu and quadrant score is 4100 Motorola Moto G which has AnTuTu score 17500 quadrant score is 8100 and having HD screen with 329ppi density and will release on JAN 2014
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  • Owners Pride
    Flipkart Customer on Flipkart
    the coolest phone within this price bracket. You have to own one to know one - the display specifically which is 312 PPI, better than a standard retina display! a good processor camera with BSI. A good one all in all.
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  • Very Nice Phone..
    Pagutharivalan on Flipkart
    Good Loo.Handy/ Great Display. No crash on full app loading.Enjoying FIFA , NFS Most Wanted. XOLO _the MOst WAnted
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  • Good buy for a smatrphone
    Neeraj Srivastava (Mar 31, 2019) on Flipkart
    It is a good smartphone for its category. Features are little less than Samsung Grande but it is nevertheless a good phone for the price!!!
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  • best (specification+price)=q900
    Flipkart Customer (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    the screen resolution is best. the touch is better then samsung galaxy grand, the camera is awesome.(day light photos are like professional cameras.) you can play every game very smoothly. . . . what else you required?
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  • Good value for money
    Lizette Noronha (Jan 31, 2019) on Flipkart
    Excellent Product. Good HD quality. Excellent photographs and good battery life. Good value for money. Flipkart service very prompt and good.
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  • Wanna Buy It..! Best Of Xolo Is Here
    Rakshith Revelli on Flipkart
    First things first, In a speedy segment which is adding devices by the minute, it is important to pay attention to the design of the device to make it stand out from other products available in the market. Unfortunately, the Xolo Q900 has a typical Xolo design, the device has a simple and boring facade. The device pretty much looks like a regular Xolo phone with the same build, design and the bezel wrapped around which could have been easily ignored. The area around the touch capacitive buttons has a lot of useless space and could have instead used to decrease the physical size of the phone. Having said that, the handling of the device could have been improved in terms of the thickness, but overall the device feels great in the hands and has a solid built
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  • awesome phone
    Hemanth Raj on Flipkart
    hello guys,this is my first review guys,after three days of usage, # this phone is really fast and no lags at all. # this phone has 1gb user internal memory that can be extended by a external memory card. # its camera is as good as my dads samsung grand # however the battery is on the downside when used by heavy gaming and wifi but it provides a average to good on a average day usage # its headphones are not good so its wise to spend on a good pair of headphone (only fr music lunatics) # the display is just wonderful no pixelation as seen in my old htc wildfire # Xolo has a brilliant future ahead
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  • Awesome!!Use it and talk!!
    Arvind M on Flipkart
    This phone is really a treat for smartphone lovers..The display is cool.And Xolo Cameras are always cool.I'm not going to write review about the specs as everything is clearly mentioned on Flipkart.. Some random dude wrote a review saying the phone has 1800mAh battery..He says the phone sucks just because of the battery.He also mentioned that the phone is Full HD display..FYI,This phone is not Full HD but it is WXGA(1280*720)..Full HD is 1920*1080.. Let me come to the point>>He calls this phone useless because it has 1800mAh battery..Do you know that iPhone 5s has only 1560mAh battery?Do you know that?And don't tell me that iPhone 5s is dual core and it consumes less power.iPhone 5s SoC is built on x64 architecture which makes the phone fastest on benchmark,even being a dual core(Yes,It is faster than phones having snapdragon 800)..Why i told this is to prove that it consumes more power.. Now,coming to Xolo Q900,It's processor is built on Cortex A7 architecture which is proven to be the most power efficient architecture by ARM..So,It comparatively consumes less power than other quad core processors..I don't think this battery is bad enough..Don't listen to these kind of guys who just write reviews based on what they see on the screen.Please vote up my review and make it stay on top..
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  • best phone in best price
    Kartik (May 1, 2019) on Flipkart
    i received a defective piece and had to return it so i can't really review but from all the expert reviews and specs i can say that its the best phone of xolo at this price it has everything you ever need in terms of usage processor - 1.2 quad core RAM - 1 GB OS - 4.2 jellybean camera - 8 MP & 2 MP resolution - HD Full HD recording and play back ideal size - 4.7inch except for Battery only 1800mAh (insufficient for HD screen) i think i have covered all the important points must buy for all that is if you can live with low battery
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  • Very Good
    Flipkart Customer on Flipkart
    Durable Phone
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  • Decent Phone
    Madhu Sudhan on Flipkart
    Its been 6 months and my phone works perfectly fine Battery backup is not so good...for those who say phone hangs Use- Ccleaner , Solo launcher or Nova launcher keep cleaning memory often use Battery Doctor it auto kills apps when screen turns off helps saving battery..
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  • Xolo Q900
    Senthil kumar (Jul 1, 2019) on Flipkart
    Flipkart service was really amazing. Xolo Q900 is good. First there was a problem with the battery then the piece was replaced. Now it is working fine.
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  • Satisfy with this price and perforance
    vasant Ragit (May 1, 2019) on Flipkart
    With this price. This phone is good. Happy with its speed. Battery is not that much good. Other features are OK
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  • Nice Mobile fetures...
    Amit Mirashi on Flipkart
    Friends, the xolo q900 is superb, for all the thingh.. this is the first indian mobile which is not gatting hang... really lovely operating system.. i have facing one problem in this mobile, the battry life for standby mode it is stable one day but for playing the game only 4 hours.. Thanks, Amit Mirashi
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  • Response After use
    Sourab (Mar 3, 2019) on Flipkart
    Talking about phone. Its complex and difficult to operate in comparison to xolo q800 . Bug:- 1) After 3-4 months , its notification bar will stop working because of internal defect . Even xolo customer care believes the same and working on it. Pros: 1) Price less 2) Good camera clarity and features Cons 1) Wi-fi range is not good as expected
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  • Do not buy-Waste of money
    Chandrakant Gaur (Jan 31, 2019) on Flipkart
    I bought this on 11 Jan 2014 and on very first day after 30 minutes of use It's display started blinking from the bottom and also Its display gets blank if I continue to use then It needs a restart so that I can use it again. Phone is good in terms of looks only.
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  • better to go with mmx a116(hd)
    Giah G on Flipkart
    Price higher than q800-x-edition. No majaor update b/w q800 n q900 No OTG. Battery less compared to q800-x 1800mah. 4.7 inch and 1280x720p screen eats all ur power n ram. Price increased but neither ram nor battery increased
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  • Problem phone
    BalaPV (Mar 31, 2019) on Flipkart
    firmware problem in phone, it off display when i returns to home screen from menu by pressing back button, i need to press power button 2 to 3 time to on the display.
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  • Waste of money
    Anshu tyagi (Jan 31, 2019) on Flipkart
    Please Don't buy this mobile, WHY 1- Bad camera quality its suck. 2- only 1800 mah battery, if u play some temple run or sabway surfer continues, its discharge in only 2 hours. 3- if u play some video or surfing its heat up quickly. and last 4- retina display- yaar micromax waalo se kuch to sikho xolo q900 se best to mx pixel90s hai.
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  • Avoid this phone
    Santosh SH (May 1, 2019) on Flipkart
    This is my second review of the phone. Earlier i had given 4 star for the phone with pros and cons. Now just after 2 months and 3 visits to XOLO service center for software update or the other issue, I would like to warn each and every customer reading this review to avoid this product. I would say the brand itself. If you want to buy a phone go with a reputed brand : Sony, HTC, Samsung, Nokia or Motorola.. This phone hangs once every 4 hours, gets a software problem, touch problem, call problem (It suddenly starts acting as just the receiver and zero transmission) Once again one of the "Sell and forget" kind of product. AVOID ! AVOID ! AVOID
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  • Good Servide
    DHR (Mar 31, 2019) on Flipkart
    good service from XOLO, Company has replaced my defective handset with new handset. Thanks Xolo Hardware is good, Display is Super, Overall performance it is good phone
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  • Third class, Useless.
    sameer sonar on Flipkart
    Display went untouchable after 30 days.(Mobile not purchased from Flipkart). After repair display went off. Xolo care took phone since 35 days and not yet returned back. I will advice to people - Spend some extra money and buy branded mobiles. Wasted all my money. One star because Flipkart which give opportunity to express my review. Otherwise phone deserves -5 stars!
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  • Please don't waste money on this
    Yogesh Yadav on Flipkart
    I bought this phone just 4 months back(not from flipkart) but just after 4 month my power button just stopped working(the phone did not face any accidental damage till now) and when I went to the dealer he said that it would take atleast 35-40 days to repair under the warranty scheme.WTF the phone has 1 year warranty and they expect me to give it for 40 days . Also the camera quality is worst actually every 5 MP mobile gives better image and video quality. Battery life is also just average
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    Jatin Sanklecha on Flipkart
    never buy xolo product i have xolo Q900 every 2 month i am facing problem phone get switch off automatically it will on or off any time while on call also .
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  • Warning, for those who purchase from Flipkart
    Mareeswaran J on Flipkart
    The following is a review of my attempted purchase experience for Xolo Win Q900s Today I learnt a lesson that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is not true. I purchased this item for Rs8300+ on Saturday, which looked like a very good deal. But today (Monday) I am informed by mail/sms that Flipkart has recalled this product and instead of refunding the amount back to my bank account they have credited it to flipkart wallet. forcing me to buy from flipkart again without asking for my permission or confirmation. Let this be a warning to anybody else who orders fro Flipkart
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  • Screen Blacked out on usage on the 3rd day itself
    Vandana Gudwani (Jul 1, 2019) on Flipkart
    I had heard good reviews about Xolo Q800 so thought taking chance with the company but it wasn't worth it. I had to get it returned and order another phone (offcourse not Xolo)
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  • Very Bad phone - dont see any of 5 stars here, it seems bogus or sponsored by company
    yash doshi (May 31, 2019) on Flipkart
    I am utilizing the phone from 6 mths. It has been a poor quality phone. These are the challenges which I am facing 1-- There is no LED notification, so any messages, missed calls, whatsapp messages , you dont have any LED notification. 2-- Yes, phone gets heated if utilized for some time 3-- Camera quality is very poor, not even at 2megapixel quality 4-- Phone frequently hangs when it is hot 5-- Performance of processor is bad even though it says quad core Do not buy this phone. Go for other brands.
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