What it's like living with a

Folding phones might be common soon. We spent some time with the innovative new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The Galaxy Z Flip might like like an old-school flip-phone but a modern 6.7-inch screen is concealed inside

Retro with a twist

This phone looks stylish when folded. It can be tucked away even in small pockets, though it is somewhat thick

Fashion statement

Not all folding phones can be used like old-school flip-phones. Opening the Galaxy Z Flip needs both hands

You need both hands

The hinge and folding glass are extremely delicate. Even fingernails might leave an indent in the screen.

Handle with care

Yes, a seam is visible, especially when you move the phone around. This is something you'll have to live with.

Getting used to it

If you find the right angle, the seam isn't much of an issue even when watching video full-screen.

Take full advantage

Some apps can split content and controls across two halves of the screen to adapt to a half-folded position

Form meets function

An external screen is necessary to check alerts on without opening the phone, but usefulness depends on size

Making life easier?

The hinge needs to be protected, as even a tiny grain of dirt or dust could damage the very sensitive screen

Delicate mechanism

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