What is a 
Gaming phone 
And why should you buy one?

Gaming phones have to be powerful, with big screens and batteries. Styling is often over-the-top for show.

What makes a gaming phone different?

Image Credit: Asus

You'll usually get a flagship-grade processor such as the Snapdragon 865 that can handle high-end graphics. 

The Processor

Gaming phones might feature elaborate cooling solutions so you can play for longer in comfort

Optimised for gaming

Image Credit: Asus

Battery life, quick charging, storage, and RAM are the most important. The cameras might take a backseat.

Important hardware

You can count on having a large, bright screen with a high refresh rate, as well as powerful stereo speakers.

Screen and speakers

Many gaming phones have physical or touch-based shoulder buttons to give you a competitive advantage

Shoulder buttons

Gaming optimisations help you avoid interruptions and prioritise games when it comes to LTE data usage.


Some gaming phones are designed for easy grip, and don't let the charger wire get in the way.

Design touches

Image Credit: iQoo

Multiple brands offer gamepad-style grips and other swag that helps you show off.


Gaming phones are expensive, but many popular mid-range devices give you decent enough performance.


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