The Coolest ios 14 Features Coming soon

Image Credit: Apple

The new call screen on iOS 14 will no longer take over the entire display the way it does right now.

You'll also finally be able to set default apps from among your third-party favourites!

Picture in Picture finally makes it to iPhone, so you don't have to pause a video just to reply to a message.

The iOS home screen also gets some extra customisation, as Widgets come to the iPhone.

New privacy features include an indicator to show when your phone is recording, sharing only your approximate location, and a data usage summary from apps.

Siri now has offline translation, with an app that supports 11 languages — no Indian languages so far though.

iMessage also gets new features, with support for inline replies in group chats, and you can now pin up to nine chats in your inbox.

Search on iPad OS also gets an update, letting you look for anything, ranging from documents, to something inside an app, like Spotlight Search on your Mac.

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Image Credit: Apple

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