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of CES 2021

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CES 2021, the world's biggest tech show, went all-digital for 2021 but there was still a lot to see.

Virtual shows

Image credit: Razer

LG showed off video of a smartphone with a rollable OLED screen that can be expanded to tablet size.

LG Rollable concept

Video credit: LG

The refreshed Lenovo ThinkBook Plus has a larger e-Ink screen on the lid, and is slimmer than the original.

ThinkBook Plus Gen 2

Video credit: Lenovo

This drone is for professional video makers. It can support the weight of a DSLR and follow moving objects.

Sony AirPeak

Video credit: Sony

AMD's latest laptop processors promise even better performance for ultraportable and gaming laptops.

AMD Ryzen 5000 series

Video credit: AMD

With a focus on pet monitoring, this robot vacuum features object recognition and precision LiDAR.

Samsung jetbot 90 AI+

Video credit: Samsung

The 2021 ZenBook Duo has a raised second screen called ScreenPad+ for more comfortable multitasking.

Asus ZenBook Duo

This Apple Watch strap replacement recognises gestures and lets you perform actions without touch.

Mudra Band

Video credit: Wearable Devices Ltd

Sony wants to make music sound like you're sitting in the middle of a sphere with speakers all around you.

Sony 360ยบ Audio

Video credit: Sony

This transparent N95 face mask has RGB LEDs, voice amplifier, sanitising UV case, and wireless charging.

Razer Project Hazel

Image credit: Razer

Intel launched its 11th Gen Core CPUs for gamers on the go, and Evo vPro series for business laptops.

Intel 11th Gen Core

Video credit: Intel

Nvidia's latest laptop GPUs promise better performance and ray tracing in games even with slim laptops.

GeForce RTX 30 Mobile

Video credit: Nvidia

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