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The first Roomba came out in 2002 and became a household name, but it was very much a niche product.

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Other brands quickly took up the challenge and launched their own robo-vacuums, such as the LG Hom Bot pictured here.

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In India, companies like Milagrow also went on to launch their own vacuums, but at much more reasonable prices.

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The Xiaomi MopP is one of the latest entrants in the field, and launched through crowdfunding in India.

It sweeps, vacuums, and mops your home. But how effective is it to actually use a robot vacuum cleaner?

This robot isn't just a vacuum either, it also includes a mopping function, so we were keen to see how it works in a typical Indian household.

The robot maps your house and finds its own way around the place so you don't have to do much.

It'll go under your sofa or bed and clean the hard to reach areas by itself, which we found highly convenient for keeping the house clean.

These devices might not seem like a value for money purchase — but in terms of effort saved, it's obviously the easiest way to clean the house.

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Although these devices have their shortcomings, if you're looking to cut down on some housework, it's a great option to explore.

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