Online safety and privacy tips for 2021

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Everyone should make a habit of staying safe online and protecting their privacy with these simple tips.

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You can lock your profile and also prevent location tracking, automatic face recognition, and ad targeting.

Facebook lock

People can track you by your activity status, but it's fairly easy to turn this off through the app's settings.

Instagram status

Most social and messaging apps including WhatsApp and Telegram offer this to help keep prying eyes out.

Two-factor security

Check your history across apps and Web services, and disallow access from public or unrecognised devices.

history

Your Android and iOS devices track your activity to target ads, so reset the unique ID regularly.

Reset identifiers

There are alternatives for search, email, maps, etc, if you don't want to be tracked across the Internet.

Don't rely on Google

Long, randomly generated phrases are best. Password managers can help if you often reuse passwords.

Use strong passwords

Email phishing scams are growing more and more sophisticated. Some even target you individually. 

Beware of scams

Some extensions can disable Web trackers, but beware of fake tools that show more ads.

Browser extensions

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