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Modern e-commerce deliveries are only possible thanks to robots and automation.

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India's online shopping boom has driven up the demand for logistics at scale in the country.

All about scale

Automation is making it possible for warehouses and fulfilment centres to keep up with the rising demand.

Automation everywhere

GreyOrange is one of the technology companies that fill this gap. Gadgets 360 visited their facility to see how things work.

Meet the Robots

GreyOrange uses two types of robots, Butler and Sorter, to manage the packages in their facilities.

Butler and Sorter

The Butler navigates the warehouse floor with racks of products. Once the Butler brings products, operators can pick items without having to leave their assigned station.


The sorter is a high speed sorting system that routes packages based on a customisable logic.


Despite automation making things easier, there's a fair part of the work in a warehouse that's only possible for humans to carry out.

People Plus Robots

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