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Although complicated equipment like smartphones are still not fully made in India, some accessories like power banks are entirely made here.

A power bank is more than just a cell in a casing — there's usually some computing power on board to manage the charging in a way that maximises the life of your battery, and phone.

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Gadgets 360 got a chance to look at one of Xiaomi's factories, in UP, where we saw how batteries are made.

Xiaomi's other main facility is in Sri City, in Andhra Pradesh, where it works on the phones it sells in India.

At the facility, we got to see the production of Xiaomi's power banks, from assembly to testing to packaging.

As you can imagine, this is not a small operation, and Xiaomi has put together a system combining automation and hundreds of people.

Xiaomi told Gadgets 360 that this one facility covers 2.3 lakh square feet, and has over 500 employees.

As a result, this factory can output seven batteries in a single minute, turning out thousands every single day.

First, the raw component testing is done on the battery cells, and then the components are taken for assembling.

A mix of robotics and manual work goes into ensuring that the batteries are packed into the casings and turned into power banks properly.

Once the batteries have been tested and assembled, they're put into the packaging with holographic stickers to prevent counterfeiting and shipped out.

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Image Credit: Xiaomi

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