Nokia has reinvented some of its classic phones. We used the new Nokia 5310 (2020) to see what life without a smartphone would be like.

The New Nokia 5310 XpressMusic has stereo speakers and playback buttons on the side, plus wireless FM radio.

Music on the go

You can't switch between multiple running apps. Only music can continue to play while you do some other things.

No multitasking

Forget about 5G, you only get 2G speed, and no Wi-Fi. You'll also have to find adapters for modern SIM cards.

No high-speed Internet

Typing isn't all that painful once you get used to (or remember) predictive text input on the numeric keypad.

T9 predictive text

You get a number of useful apps including a calendar, notes, calculator, stopwatch, timer, and five alarms.

Basic phone features

The resolution is painfully low and you get almost no features, but you can still somewhat capture important memories.

0.3-megapixel camera

The browser can only handle text and pictures. Say bye to email, maps,
notifications, and most social media.

The Internet experience

With very little to stress them, most feature phones can last multiple days per charge.

Fantastic battery life

Nokia's classic Snake game makes an appearance, though this version is not quite as much fun as the original.

Snake reinvented

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