How to Turn Any house  into a 
In 10 Easy steps

Choose between Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, and Apple's Siri as the nerve centre for your smart home

Voice assistant

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You can control smart devices through your phone, voice commands, or other connected devices

phone integration

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Bulbs and lamps around the house can change colour, obey schedules, and even notify you of events

LED Lighting 

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Smart door locks let you control who has access and can alert you whenever anyone comes or goes.


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Keep an eye on your home when you're traveling, and get alerts triggered by motion detectors.


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Manage electricity usage and turn your AC on before you get home to make sure it's cool when you enter.

Air conditioning

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Stream music throughout the house or tell your TV what you want to watch with a simple voice command.


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Many appliances including fridges, ovens, and washing machines can work together in a smart home.


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Turn ordinary devices into smart ones to schedule them or switch them on or off from anywhere in the world.

Smart Plugs

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You can set up scenes, schedules, and triggers so that your entire home works just like you want it to.

Bring Everything together

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