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We've all had that panicked call from a friend or relative who doesn't know how to do basic things, like connect to a Bluetooth speaker.

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If you're your family troubleshooter, consider teaching them how to install TeamViewer. It's a well known and trusted choice in this category of apps.. Today we'll use an iPhone to pair an Android phone to a Bluetooth speaker.

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Step one is to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on the phone that needs support, from either the App Store or Google Play, and any add-ons if prompted (such as on a OnePlus phone).

One you've installed the app, just start it and it'll create an ID to log into. This ID is important and should not be shared expect with people you trust as it identifies your device.

Next, on the iPhone we're using for troubleshooting here, we'll install the TeamViewer Remote Control app. With this, we'll be able to log into the other phone and go into the Bluetooth settings.

Now, type in the ID into the remote control — and then tap the remote control button. On the other phone, you'll get a prompt to accept the connection. Just tap "Accept".

And that's it, you're in. You should see the other phone's display instead of your own — so here we're on an iPhone but seeing the OnePlus Nord's screen on it. Then you can just change the settings or pair a speaker, or whatever else is needed.

One thing that's very important to remember is that giving someone TeamViewer access is like giving them your unlocked phone, so never do this with someone you don't trust.

Safety First

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