Xiaomi's MIUI interface is great, but it's peppered with ads. Many people will be okay with this, but they're easy to disable. Keep tapping to learn how.

Step one is simple - go to Security > Settings and turn off Receive recommendations.

Notification ads are easy to disable — just swipe left on the notification, and tap on Settings, then toggle Disable.

Your themes also include ads. To turn them off, open Themes, go to My Page > Settings and then disable Show ads, and Personalised recommendations.

Next is Downloads. Open the app, tap on the three dots menu > Settings, and turn off Show recommended content.

Now, the File Manager. You know the drill. Open the app > Settings > About, and turn off Recommendations.

In the Music app, go to Settings > Advanced Settings and then turn off Show ads, Show online recommendations on startup, and Personalised recommendations

On your Home Screen, check folders like the Tools folder — if you tap on the name to customise it, you'll see a toggle for promoted apps there.

Now, go to Settings >  Passwords and Security > Authorisation and Revocation and turn off MSA. This has a 10s wait time before you are allowed to revoke it.

On the same screen, scroll down to GetApps and turn that off too. These two are the MIUI System Ads, and Mi's app store ads.

Finally, go to Settings > Privacy > Ad services, and turn off Personalised ad recommendations. Together, all these settings should do the job.

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