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Free and flexible

Gmail's mobile app and web service offer tonnes of useful little features that might take a little digging around to discover.

Image Credit: Google is the same as Use this when you need a unique address to set up filters for incoming mail.

don't mind the dots

Add a unique + tag to your address when signing up to services so you know if any site leaks or sells your personal data.

Track spammers 

Use aliases to work with multiple email addresses while signed in to one Gmail account. Replies sent to the alias will come to your inbox.

outgoing aliases

Set a delay of up to 30 seconds after you hit 'Send' to allow time for you to spot typos or rephrase your messages.

undo sending emails

It's easy to tell Gmail when to send a message. Finish your work early and schedule it for your recipient's convenience.

Schedule emails

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Some of the search operators you can use include 'has:attachment', 'before:01/01/2020', 'larger:10M', and 'older_than:7d'

Power search

Use templates and smart suggestions to send standardised or repetitive responses quickly,

Canned replies

Back up and download your entire Gmail history, including attachments, using Google's Takeout service.

Export all data

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