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Gadget gifts

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Whether you want to upgrade your own home or give an unforgettable gift, the Diwali festive season is the right time

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A bigger TV with built-in apps for all the latest streaming services, plus upgraded picture quality, will always make a statement.

Smart TV

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Use simple voice commands to control your appliances, get information, and stream music throughout your home.

Smart speaker

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Your health is important, and so is staying in touch. Get all your notifications and track your exercise and fitness parameters.

Smart watch

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These are quickly becoming essential accessories, and the convenience is hard to beat.

TWS earphones

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Capture candid moments from unique perspectives with a tiny action camera, whether travelling or celebrating events at home.

Action camera

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Catch up on everything you've been meaning to read, anytime and anywhere, without the bulk and weight of actual books.

Ebook reader

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You can enjoy your music in peace and focus on even minute details by cancelling out background noises
and distractions.

Noise cancelling headset

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Secure, reliable, and fast storage for all the files you need to carry around and all your essential backups.

Portable SSD

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You don't need a huge desktop PC to enjoy today's latest games at high quality — these powerful laptops can give you endless fun.

Gaming laptop

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Optical zoom lets you capture superb detail even in distant objects, and this is becoming a must-have feature for smartphones.

SuperZoom Phone

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Give your home the gift of upgraded Wi-Fi coverage, ensuring speed and stable connections even in far corners and across multiple floors.

Mesh Routers

Video Credit: Netgear

Jump into the future with immersive experiences for learning, playing games, and even getting work done.

VR headset

Video Credit: Oculus

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