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Photoshop is a full-featured, free graphics editor that runs in your Web browser and even works offline.

You'll find many of the same tools that Photoshop has, and each one has multiple options that give you quite a lot of flexibility.


You can order, stack, and merge layers, as well as apply masks and effects. Text and smart objects live on their own layers for manipulation.


Apply creative effects and touch up your photos with a variety of adjustable filters.


These are some of the most useful features, allowing you to remove blemishes and distractions from your photos.

Patch and Healing Tools

You can scale and recompose images by percentages or by absolute pixel values, and also crop to resize the canvas area however you like.

Crop and Resize

Colour correction is difficult and time-consuming, but you can get results easily by tweaking curves and levels with instant previews.

Adjust Curves

Use the Pen tool to create your own paths, which can then be used as selections or vector masks. There's a Paths panel to help you manage them.

Vectors and Paths

You even get a simple animation tool. Line up your layers, name them by frame, and you're done. You can also open and edit GIF animations.

Animation was created by one person and is free to use. You can buy a premium membership to remove ads and support development.

Free or Paid

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