Battery woes?

Do you often find yourself feeling anxious when your battery level starts to dip? Read on.

Image Credit: Pexels

Delete unused Apps

Unused apps might be wasting power in the background. Just delete the ones you don't need. 

Restrict permissions

Many apps deliver ads, check your location, and use Bluetooth. Disable these to save power.

Power saving modes

Many smartphones can block data usage and dim the screen when your battery is running low.

Dark mode or theme

Phones with AMOLED screens use less power to display blacks, so a dark UI will extend battery life.

Simple tweaks

Lowering screen brightness and letting your phone sleep sooner will help save a lot of power.

Power-hungry features

Wi-Fi, cellular data, tethering, GPS, and Bluetooth can be disabled when not needed.

Always-On display

If your phone shows the time and alerts when the screen is off, this will drain your battery.

Screen resolution

Many high-end phones offer a choice of screen resolutions. Use a lower one to conserve power. 

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