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We checked out a number of yoga subscriptions on the App Store to see which ones are worth the money. Here are seven of the top picks.

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This app allows you to customise every part of the experience, from the workouts to the voice of the instructor, to how much detail you want to hear from them!

Yoga | Down Dog

Skill Yoga is an uncluttered and easy to follow app that includes custom plans and long term subscriptions, although the trainers might look a little intimidating on this one.

Skill Yoga

Apart from Yoga, this app also includes nutritional plans, quizzes, guided meditation, and soothing music to help you go to sleep!

Asana Rebel

This app has a really easy to follow interface, and aside from the videos, includes a meal planner to approach fitness from that aspect as well.

8fit Workout 

Yoga Studio is a simple app with a good selection of videos but another useful aspect is that it breaks the workouts into different poses and gives detailed explanations in text.

Yoga Studio

With scheduled live classes you can join apart from the pre-recorded videos, there are a number of different ways you can work out with this app on your phone.


Daily Yoga is a pretty simple app that lets you build a long term exercise plan, and helps you stick to it, with videos for the different workouts.

Daily Yoga

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