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20 FOR 2020

We've already shown our picks of the best phones of 2020, but here are the ones you, our readers, were reading about most. Starting from #20!

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#20 Oppo A31 (2020)

Oppo kicked off this list for our readers, with the Oppo A31 (2020) that launched in May, at the start of the pandemic.

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#19 Oppo A52

The Oppo A52, launched in June, was another phone that was popular with our readers.

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#18 Oppo A53 (2020)

The Oppo A53 (2020) launched in August, and with three phones in a row, the Chinese brand showed it has a lot of fans in India.

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#17 OnePlus 8

The OnePlus 8 launched in India in April, and got a lot of interest — but it would be overshadowed by a different OnePlus this year.

#16 Redmi 9 Prime

The first Redmi in the top 20, the Redmi 9 Prime delivered the battery and performance these phones are famous for.

#15 Realme 6i

Realme made its entry into the top 20 with the Realme 6i, a good all-rounder that launched in July.

#14 Realme C3

The Realme C3, which launched in February, got even more attention, possibly because of its excellent battery life, which got a 10 on 10 in our review.

#13 Realme C2

The Realme C2 launched last year, but even so, it was a phone that a lot of our readers were checking out well into 2020, bringing it onto this list!

#12 Redmi 9

Redmi 9 launched in August and was a well-built and well-priced phone from the brand, so it's no surprise that our readers were interested too.

#11 Vivo S1 Pro

One of the first launches of 2020, the Vivo S1 Pro was a decent phone that saw a lot of interest despite a relatively high price.

#10 Realme 7i

At the halfway mark, the Realme 7i (launched in October) is the successor to the Realme 6i, and both phones seem popular.

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#9 Redmi Note 8

Last year's Redmi Note 8 was a strong choice even for a large part of 2020, so its not surprising that many readers were checking this phone out.

#8 Redmi Note 9

Launched this April, the Note 9 is a solid successor to the Note 8, and pipped it to be the eighth most popular phone among Gadgets 360 readers.

#7 Samsung Galaxy M21

Samsung broke into the list in a pretty high place with the Galaxy M21 which launched in March, as a good, budget-friendly offering from the brand.

#6 Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

Redmi continues to score well with readers, and the Note 8 Pro Max just fell shy of the top five, in terms of popularity.

#5 Redmi Note 8 Pro

This phone is such a strong all-rounder that even a year later, it was one of the five most popular phones among our readers.

#4 Samsung Galaxy M31

Showing the value on offer in Samsung's Galaxy M-series, the Galaxy M31 came in fourth place, but Samsung has one more entry in the top three to come!

#3 Samsung Galaxy M31s

Edging just past the Galaxy M31, the Galaxy M31s launched in July and packs a battery that keeps on ticking. Readers seemed to be pretty interested too.

#2 OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord was the OnePlus for the rest of us, who don't want to pay Rs. 40,000 for a phone, and it was clearly popular with the readers too.

#1 Redmi Note 9 Pro

Not surprisingly, the Redmi Note 9 Pro topped the list of phones you the readers were interested in, as the brand established its dominance in the budget market.

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