You are the Monster in These Games

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We know there are times when you're so bored of saving the world in games, that you want to be the one who destroys it.
So here are 7 games that let you do just that.

Destroy All Humans!

You're an alien in this game with the ultimate aim of wiping out humanity. You have to kill humans, farm some DNA, kill some more humans, rinse, repeat.
You play as Stubbs, a poor traveling salesman during the Great Depression. He was killed by his girlfriend's father who dumps him in the wilderness. Two decades later, a city is built on his corpse and guess what… he is now a zombie!

Stubbs the Zombie


War of the Monsters

This is in essence a battle royale game, but for monsters. You can choose a ton of weird characters, including one that looks like a mutated Praying Mantis. 


Predator: Hunting Grounds

This game is based on the movie franchise of the same name. You can play campaigns as a marine or predator, but honestly all the fun is in playing in preying with the wrist blades and other cool weapons.



This one is a bit different, because you're very human-like. You are Alex Mercer, an amnesiac who has the superpower of shapeshifting and changing his body into anyone. That basically means you can transform your body into really gross, fleshy weapons.
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The Darkness 2

You are a mafia hitman who possesses a mysterious power called "the Darkness" that grants him supernatural abilities and a pair of Demon Arms. And you can kill the living hell (pun intended) out of people who tried to sabotage you before. 


In this game, you're a shark that eats humans. As simple as that. Over the course of time, you start mutating by collecting mutagens, which makes you even stronger and deadlier. 

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