Xbox Mistakes We Don't Want To See Again

To make mistakes is human — some bigger than others. But some of them just can't go unnoticed, and so here are 7 mistakes Xbox committed in the past that we don't want to see again


When the HoloLens was first announced, the demonstration left onlookers with their jaws dropping to the floor, except… it never came out. And then its successor was announced, and that too has been snoozed. Just… why?
Don't get us wrong, Xbox 360 was a great console, but… it came with DVD support at a time when it's direct competitor, the PS3 was already offering Blu-ray. Not only is DVD slower, it also has less storage capacity. 

An upgrade with old-ish specs 

Unreasonable price hike 

At the time of its global launch, the Xbox One was priced at $499, about the same as the PS4. This was mainly because it came with some extra accessories that nobody asked for. Its price was slashed after a year, by the time it came to India though.


The red ring of death

The infamous RRoD affected several Xbox 360 consoles within just a year of its launch, rendering them unusable. It cost Microsoft some precious money because they had to extend their warranty to replace every single RROD affected console.


Scratching discs 

Xbox 360 would also scratch discs by itself, eventually to the point of not working. This only happened to less than 1% of users, it was still a significant number considering it sold millions of consoles. 

Sticking an unnecessary accessory with you

So remember how we mentioned the Xbox One price hike. Yeah, a reason for that was the bundled Kinect, a motion controller that not everybody needed. Xbox did make it optional later though, cutting down its price significantly. 

internet connection to play any game

This was a part of the push for digital rights management (DRM), or making sure you used only original games, except you always had to be connected to the Internet. Not everybody has a working internet connection, Xbox!

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