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What Made GTA: San Andreas a Big Deal

GTA: San Andreas was an iconic game that was launched in 2004 and has already sold more than 27.5 million copies. But why is it still fresh in our memories? Here are 7 reasons. 
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Tri-City State Setting

Unlike other games in the franchise, San Andreas was a massive state with three huge cities —  Los Santos resembling Los Angeles, San Fierro that's a lot like San Francisco and Las Venturas that's basically Las Vegas. 
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Never Ending Possibilities

San Andreas was teeming with activity. Every dank alley had action to the point that was unprecedented back in the day. Just roaming around could keep you engrossed for days.
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The way gangster culture was shown in the game with an interesting, satirical take. The development of the main character CJ is fantastic, to say the least. You also get to see the human side of NPCs in the game, which was very refreshing to see.

Portrayal of 90s Gangster Culture

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Variety of Locations to go to

The game had a bunch of interesting locations on the map scattered all across the vast map. And it was incredibly diverse, including an Area 51 like place full of conspiracy theories. 

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Variety of Ways to Commute

The sheer variety of vehicles to go from point A to B was beyond imaginable back in the day. Apart from commuter and police vehicles, you also had boats, bicycles, tractors, choppers, airplanes and even jetpacks!
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Vibrant Modding Community

Just like GTA: Vice City, San Andreas had a massive online modding community that let you add a bit (ok a lot) of spice to your gameplay. Want to change your character? Yep. Want realistic cars? You got it. 
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Hot Coffee 

Speaking of modded content, the Hot Coffee mod, a sexual minigame, was fairly popular among players. It was also the reason why Rockstar got in a hot soup of lawsuits for false advertising and led to the reassessment of the game's age-rating. 
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