Video Game Franchises that need to Innovate

7.     FIFA

The FIFA franchise recycles the same game every year with a new title. What it needs is to stop and think what it can do to make the player experience more varied!
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6.     Call of Duty

Call Of Duty is far from the critical acclaim that it was known for. What the franchise needs is a good refresh to capture a whole new generation of gamers all over again.
YouTube/Call of Duty
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5.     Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed as a franchise has changed a lot about itself recently, but still has not be able to achieve the heights of  AC II and AC IV. Another reboot on the cards?
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4.     Lego Games

What started off as a cute idea has now become an overdone list of over 30 games with the same humour. Lego can do so much better with the licenses it has. 
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3.    Pokémon       

Pokémon is too consistent, so much so that they have found a comfort spot and refuse to leave it. Every game has the same plot line that makes the franchise way too predictable.
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It has  been a long time since Need For Speed was the king. The franchise desperately needs a reboot to once again become THE household name in racing games!
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Far Cry 3 showed us what an exotic land with a charismatic villain can do. Far Cry 4 did the same, and so did every Far Cry since. Come on Ubisoft, don't give Far Cry the same Assassins Creed treatment!

1.    FAR CRY

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