Things NPCs do that annoy us

To not make you feel lonely in a role-playing game, developers often employ non-playable characters. But there are several stupid things they do that annoy us. Here are 7 of them

Tell you they are busy

When you pass through some NPCs in RPGs like Skyrim or Witcher or Horizon Zero Dawn, they straight up say they are busy. Like, we don't even want to talk to you dude. Just imagine this happening in the real world!
There are several NPCs that completely forget who you are and that you just committed a really heinous act of killing someone. Instead, they act as if they've met you for the first time. 

Forget who you are

Police chases you for their mistakes

In open-world games with some sort of driving involved, like GTA and NFS: Most Wanted, there's always that one annoying cop who crashes in the back of your car and chases you for their mistake! 

Fighting big characters with small weapons

Skyrim, we are looking at you. Why does an NPC have to try and kill a dragon with a knife? Just… why?

Stare at you while talking to others

NPCs talking to their buds often stare at you or follow you with their gaze. It's very unsettling and creepy. 

Go rogue on your  combat strategy

So this boss mission turns up where you have a bunch of NPCs on your side. You have this elaborate strategy of going stealth first and then taking them doing. This NPC jumps out of nowhere, alerts the enemies and tosses your strategy in the trash. 
Credit: Giphy

Walk too slow or too fast

In escort or follow missions like those in Yakuza, NPCs often tend to have really stupid speeds. They are either so fast you can't catch up or so slow that you keep banging into them. 

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