Scary Games You Shouldn't Play Alone

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

Capcom made this game refreshingly different from others in the series. It changes the traditional over the shoulder 3rd person perspective to an in-your-face first person view. 
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Outlast is probably one of the scariest games ever made. Your survival skills are absolutely bare minimum and there are no combat mechanics, so you can't shoot or punch. Running and hiding are your only options. And the characters are just… whoa!
Credits: YouTube/Xbox
This game is considered by many to be one of the best scary games out there. It is very creative, as it uses Camera Obscura in evoking a sense of fear in you. 

Fatal Frame

Credits: YouTube/Nintendo


This game has a bunch of ghosts that will make you uncomfortable if you play it for too long. And the worst one is the main enemy, Alma Wade. She can appear and disappear,  can manipulate objects and other scary creatures near her.

Credits: YouTube/Warner Bros. Gaming

Condemned 2: Bloodshot

This game is a bit old, but when it first came out it was very unsettling. You are a detective and are looking for Serial Killer X. The combat is pretty intense, and the whole mystery setting adds so much more character to this game. 
Credits: YouTube/Warner Bros. Gaming

5 Nights at Freddie series

This franchise blew up between 2014 and 2015 as four sequels of it came out, and for good reason. The characters are creepy, the gameplay is interesting, the design is brilliant and it is loaded with jumpscares.
Credit: YouTube/PlayStation

Alien: Isolation

This one is pretty exciting, as it plays with lights and sounds a lot, and has pretty good looking graphics too. Again, you can't do much in terms of combat, but hiding and running away from the Xenomorph will keep you engaged. 
Credit: YouTube/PlayStation

Hello Neighbour

This is a slightly cartoony looking game, so at first you think it would be that scary… Until your neighbour starts hunting you down and ultimately, scares the living hell out of you by appearing out of thin air right in your face. It's funny and horrifying at the same time.
Credit: YouTube/tinyBuildGAMES

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