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OUR GUIDE TO the best valorant weapons

Valorant is a popular FPS that can be thought of as CS:GO in essence fused with elements of Apex Legends and Fortnite. If you are on a lookout for the best weapons of the game, here's a guide.
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How the weapons economy works in Valorant

Valorant relies on your in-game economy to succeed. You earn credits through the rounds to purchase weapons and start the game with just a pistol. While weapons are important, superpowers may also influence the outcome of the game.
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How Credits Work in Valorant

Each kill gets you 200 credits, whereas winning a round gets you 3,000 credits. Losing a round doesn't mean you lose money, but you only get 1,900 credits. Losing two rounds and three rounds gets you 2,400 and 2,900 credits respectively.
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Weapons vary in price, but generally, you want to be using an assault rifle or failing that a strong SMG or pistol. And if you are a trick shot specialist, snipers are great too. Other weapons are mostly situational. 

Basic Weapon Strategy

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Best Assault Rifle: Vandal

This gun lets you pull off lethal headshots at any distance, it's Valorant's AK47. Just like AK47, Vandal works best when you aren't spraying and are going for one-tap headshots.

Best Sniper Rifle: Operator

This gun is incredibly expensive, but it deals lethal shots at any range to the head and body. It may be a bit tricky for beginners but if you work your way through, you can take some really satisfying shots with this.

Best SMG: Spectre

This gun is mostly the step up from the pistol as you build out of your economy. Spectre's silenced spray is super quick and is great for burst headshots at close or mid-range.

Best Pistol: Ghost 

While pistols are modest in most FPSes, Ghost can be pretty lethal in Valorant. One tap to the head is enough to dispatch an enemy at close to mid-range, and it fires fast and deals excellent damage. Multiple shots will lose accuracy, so keep that in mind. 

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Credit: YouTube/Valorant