Most Embarrassing PlayStation fails 

Mistakes, huh? Can't live with them, can't live without them. Here are the top mistakes that Sony made while developing PlayStations in the past that we don't want to see again. 

The PlayStation Network ID mess up

For the longest time, PS users didn't have the choice to change their PSN ID, precisely until 2019. And when they did allow users, all kinds of glitches happened, including losing all the in-game purchases. Ouch!

Sony thought it was a good idea to bundle a 6-axis motion controller as standard with the PS3. You know what they dropped out to include this? Rumble feedback! Motion controlled games are still rare today and this was clearly a bit ahead of its time. 

Sixaxis controller

Wikimedia Commons/ Evan-Amos

Launch Price of PS3

The original asking price for the PS3 way back in 2006 was $500 for just 28GB of storage and $600 for 60GB, which is just stupidly expensive. For reference, PS5 Digital Edition with 855GB of storage is a much more reasonable $400!

Proprietary memory cards

PS Vita came with these proprietary memory cards that were not just expensive, but were incredibly hard to find and didn't work with pretty much anything else. Sony justified this by saying it was secure, but people found a way to forge games within days with it.


Taking way too long to bring crossplay

Sony was incredibly resistant to the idea of bringing cross-platform gaming to the PS. What really pushed it to do so was the sudden backlash from Fortnite gamers who didn't really care where they played the game as long they had someone to play it with.


Xperia Play

This smartphone with a built-in controller  was massively anticipated at the time of its launch, but it kind of fell face-first. There were just 10 playable games in the PS suite for it during its 2 year-lifecycle. 
YouTube/Sony Mobile

Lying about Killzone 2

At E3 2005, Sony showed a fake gameplay trailer of Killzone 2. The graphics were so good to be true that nobody believed it was real and they were absolutely right. 

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