Indie Games that were Super Successful

8.     FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL has amazing music, great mechanics and punishing difficulty. The game has been made by just two people who got funding through Kickstarter.
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7.     Rocket League

The premise of racing cars playing football might seem stupid, but Indie developer Psyonix managed to make this an officially licensed Esport!
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6.     Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is a nod to the past with a pixelated art style, rewarding platforming and huge sales across all platforms.
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5.     Terraria

Another game that attempts to throw us back to the early 2000s, Terraria has sold over 18 million copies, which is huge even for mainstream publishers.
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4.    Stardew Valley

Taking care of a farm while maintaining interpersonal relationships seems straightforward, but Stardew Valley challenges you and forces you to be efficient.
YouTube/Stardew Valley
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Hotline Miami is a truly strange experience as you don't expect the pixel art style to handle the vulgarity and gore of the story so well.
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  2.    Undertale

Branching paths, difficult decisions and memorable characters; Undertale will always reflect your inner psyche through its unique approach to storytelling.
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What can be said about Minecraft that has not already been said? This game put developer Mojang on the map with over 106 million copies sold just on PC!

1.    Minecraft

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