Impossible Achievements in PS and Xbox

Like a nice pat on the back? Try completing these 7 impossible achievements in Xbox and PlayStation games

Worked Out - NBA 2k18 (Xbox)

This crème de la crème achievement requires you to complete 900 flawless games! Also, NBA 2k18 lost support for achievements after its successor came out, so this one is truly impossible.
You have to collect 19 3-Star quality pelts from specific animals, then wait 24 hours for an invitation from Mrs. Hobbs after which you'll get a Gunslinging Squirrel, which keeps escaping. You'll then have to search for it in the huge map of RDR2, bring it back, repeat!

It's Art - Read Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)

YouTube/Rockstar Games

I Am Bread - I Am Bread (PS4)

Yeah, the trophy is synonymous with the name of the game. In this game, you navigate using your rear trigger buttons on your controller. To get this achievement, you have to complete 34 other supremely difficult challenges.


Seriously - Gears of War 4 (Xbox)

This achievement requires you to finish the game after re-upping 30 times. Re-upping resets all your achievements and increases the XP needed to reach the highest level. And the XP grows exponentially, not by a factor of two.


Road to Stampers Forever - Rare Replay (Xbox)

This one requires the collection of 330 stamps across the 30 games in the collection. Stamps are obtained by completing milestones throughout the completion of each game. And these are difficult games like BattleToads.
You YouTube/Xbox

Mein Lieben - Wolfenstein II (PS4)

One simple objective — you have to beat the game in Mein Lieben difficulty.  Everybody wants to kill you. Everybody. The game resets everytime you die and it takes anywhere from 6-8 hours to finish it.
YouTube/Bethesda Softworks

Back for More - Halo: Master Chief Collection (Xbox)

Legendary difficulty with all skulls enabled — that's what you're dealing with to get this achievement. Imagine Jackal Snipers, but 10 times more OP than they usually are in the  “regular” legendary mode. You aren't going to make it through this one without crying.

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