Games that took too long to develop

The Last Guardian

A spiritual successor to ‘Shadow of the Colossus', 'The Last Guardian' took 9 years to develop, but did not achieve the success the former did.
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Team Fortress 2

It is one of the rare games in this list that did surprisingly well despite its long development cycle of 9 years.
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Diablo III

Despite a tumultuous development cycle that lasted 11 years, 'Diablo III' had a lot of network issues, which were fixed in patches.
YouTube/Blizzard Entertainment
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Starcraft II

'Starcraft II' took 7 years to get out to the public. But once it did, it was met with mostly positive reviews from fans and critics alike.
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Final Fantasy XV

'FFXV' had one of the weirdest development cycles of 10 years due to the fact that it was a different game twice during its production!
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L.A. Noire

'LA Noire' took 7 years to make and costed upwards of $50 million to render realistic facial animations. Luckily, the game was a success.
YouTube/Rockstar Games
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Duke Nukem Forever

During its 15-year development, the game went through so many changes that upon release, it was terrible in both gameplay and story.
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