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AR games

Augmented reality gaming is the integration of a game's visual and audio content with the user's environment in real time. This is usually done using your smartphone's rear facing camera.

Knightfall AR

This is one of the best looking AR games, period. You're basically defending your castle from incoming attackers.

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If you miss playing basketball outdoors, you might want to try this one. Simply place the ring on a table or floor and shoot hops anywhere, anytime

AR Sports Basketball

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Pokemon Go

This one needs no introduction, the basic motto being “gotta catch ‘em all”. Niantic has also added some social distancing-friendly features given the need to stay indoors.

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Secret Oops!

This game is available only on Apple Arcade. You dodge several obstacles with a goofy agent to pass objectives. It's challenging and great fun on a dull day.
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Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

You are at the wheel of a military helicopter with lots of ammo to hunt down zombies being airborne. You fly the chopper with your body movement.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Since it is made by Niantic, its map closely resembles that of Pokemon Go, but its game mechanics are more involved. You even get to play with the main characters of the series.
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It is a classic hide and seek game that transforms players into modern day pirates! You also have a parrot that helps you with a treasure map that leads you to glory.
YouTube/Warpin Media
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