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7 Video Game Objectives that Annoy Us

There are times when some game missions make us go "why!?"
Here are 7 such gaming missions

Hide and Seek Missions

These are those stealth missions in non-stealth games — it's just not in the core DNA of the game! So why do you want us to be stealthy and die anyway when it's near impossible to do so?

Timed Missions

These annoying missions either give you so much time that when you run out of time, it's been 3 days and you've to replay the thing again or give you 30 second mini game timers that are near impossible to work out. Eugh!
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We are talking about those games with really dumb NPC models. Why does the NPC have to stand in front of a firestorm of bullets when they're supposed to be rescued!? Take a hike, please!

Escort Missions

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Fetch Quests

These creep up inside side quests where an NPC wants a certain thing and they ask you to go from one end of the town to another. More often than not, the return on such investment is very little.

Crafting Missions

Some gamers are hoarders, whereas others aren't. And when some mission all of a sudden asks you to craft a really rare item and the game just wouldn't progress without it, you're forced to dig up a walkthrough online. 
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Master a thing you'd only do once

Pretty self explanatory, you have to master a skill that is only required once and it's really difficult to completely master. The race mission in Mafia 2 is a key example of this.
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Don't Take Damage

These are those missions in which even a single shot or blow to you or your car results in a time penalty or the restart of the entire game. Sure, it does add a bit of challenge, but at the cost of extreme frustration. 

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