7 Most Embarrassing Activision Mistakes

Activision has made some of the best era defining video games franchises like Spider Man, Call of Duty, Diablo and Destiny. But they have also made mistakes on the way. Here are seven of them

Adding microtransactions despite promising otherwise

At E3 2019, Activision explicitly said that the new much awaited Crash Team game wouldn't have microtransactions, but they added them anyway after a month of its launch. 
The original (read fun) Tony Hawk games had one thing in common — Neversoft — the developers that introduced iconic elements to the game. But releases like Ride and Shred were just disappointing mostly because Activision chose another developer for these.

Disappointing Tony Hawk Games


Oversaturating Guitar Hero franchise

Look, we have come to terms with having 4 mobile sequels in a single year, but in 2010, Activision launched seven Guitar Hero games. Not DLCs, but seven standalone games. It was a bit overwhelming, frankly.


That red dot in COD: Black Ops 4

Okay this one is kinda crazy. COD games can get a bit expensive, but what's worse is that Activision still wants you to pay for silly things after that. For instance… a red dot in the reflex sight attachment for 50 credit points. A red dot for… are you serious? 

Diablo Immortal

How long does it take to develop a mobile game? Okay, forget that… Why would you not give us fans an actual, long overdue Diablo sequel for PCs and consoles when we clearly express our need for that on forums?


A ‘remastered' game inside another game

COD 4: Modern Warfare is perhaps one of the most iconic games in the franchise, but when its Remastered version came out in 2016, Activision decided to stick it inside Infinite Warfare and laced it with microtransactions.
YouTube/Call of Duty

Faking a terrorist attack

In 2015, to promote COD: Black Ops 3, the Call of Duty Twitter account was changed to a fake news account and then it began tweeting as if a terrorist attack took place in Singapore. Major cringe. 

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