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7 Games That You Can't ‘Win'

There are a lot of games out there that you can win and boast about to your friends. But in these 7 games, there's either only losing or no end. 
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Space Invaders

The oldest game in this list does continue for infinity, but getting 500,000 points is a benchmark at which you beat the game. But that is as close to impossible as you can get, in this game.
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The Sims series

This gaming franchise has no ultimate goal, so technically you can live on endlessly as long as you keep spawning new Sims (or you don't kill yourself for fun by not building a toilet. That's not funny alright?)
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Mathematically, there are no limits to Tetris, the game goes on endlessly. You'll never be a victor in this game, you can only lose. 


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Animal Crossing

Sure, after attending K.K. Slider's first concert on your island or after 50 hours of playing, the end credits roll. But if you stop after that, you're missing out on the bulk of the gameplay. You can unlock terraforming abilities and just keep on going. 

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No Man's Sky

This game was designed to offer infinite online gameplay. You have tons of celestial bodies to discover, and it just never ends. 
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EVE Online

This game is a beautiful mix of space, politics, war and business. It is one game that will go on as long as the developers don't pull the plug.
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This game coined the term “endless runner” back in 2009. You are running from an unknown threat and the difficulty level increases, so again, there's no winning — only losing. 
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