7 Embarrassing Nintendo Fails

Nintendo is one of the top game publishers and console makers of the world. But they too make mistakes.
Here are 7 biggest fails from Nintendo

Full price for older games

In a world of “Game Passes” and “Free to Plays”, Nintendo still wants you to pay full price for older games. And the craziest part? People are still willing to pay those prices! 

This unfortunately named peripheral gave you write access to the Nintendo 64. This basically meant you could create your characters and record movies of your games. But turns out, nobody wanted that and it just bombed. 

Nintendo 64DD 

Wikimedia Commons/ Evan-Amos

Super Mario Bros.: The Movie 

What can we even say about this. It was hilariously bad, it still is. And Nintendo lost a ton of money making it. 


JoyCon Drifting 

The Nintendo Switch is awesome, but sadly many users complained of “drifting” analog sticks of its JoyCons. Due to repeated usage, some JoyCon's analog sticks don't rest centred. This causes movement on your screen even if you don't touch your controller.


Friend code

15 years ago, Nintendo decided that it was less simple to use screen names and much easier to have a 12-digit Friend Code system. Honestly, would you refer to someone as ‘Gamerboi55' or 0860-1992-5521?

Virtual Boy

If you think VR headsets make you sick, thank god you haven't tried this. It wasn't even virtual, it had a few parallax scrolling planes with red and black colours. It was also expensive and uncomfortable. 
Wikimedia Commons/Evan-Amos

Wii U

Nobody was ever sure what the Wii U was, and so nobody bought it. You had a regular console body that linked to a wireless controller with a display. And was expensive for a "portable" console you couldn't even take outside your house.

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