7 Awesome Among Us Imposter Tips

Among Us has gone viral recently. If you're wondering how to slay people like a boss while being an imposter, here's our guide to doing just that

Faking it right

Just stand still in the task spot and wait a bit. Try to leave just after the task bar in the upper left corner fills up, to prove that you really did it.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Take that very seriously. Blend in. Build up your credibility. Especially in early game. Try to look super trustworthy.

Do As the Romans Do

Who should you kill first?

Your priority should be to eliminate the weakest first, at the very first instance. The easiest ones are those who are completing tasks.

Take Initiative

After a murder, you might want to casually ask another player where he came from, or what tasks he did. Be a part of the discussions taking place.

Hiding Behind Others

If there are multiple crewmates standing at the same spot at once, it becomes difficult to figure out who killed a person, since there's no killing animation, just blood.

Diverting crewmates after a kill

If you kill someone on the left side of the map you can sabotage something on the right side, like O2 to make people rush to the right side and the vice versa.

Security Cameras

Crewmates watching the cameras can't see other players next to them, so if you see that red light blinking on your screen, it's time to slyly pay them a visit and slay them.

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