Android Games That Don't Take Much Space

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when playing a game requires clearing up your device's storage?
If you have, here are some entertaining games that weigh almost nothing.

Air Attack

If you are still a fan of retro-esque pixel art games, you'll like this one. You have to take down enemy choppers and planes in this. It is the heaviest game on the list, at 5MB.

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A simple bow and arrow shooting high score game. It's got a bunch of challenging levels to keep you entertained. And it only weighs around 3.8MB.
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You tilt your phone to roll the tiny balls in the hole, the twist being the red ball goes in last. It has a size of just 2.5MB. Just… don't be childish and laugh at the name.

Roll balls in a hole

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Doodle Cricket

In this, there's only one button on the screen which shoots the ball, so your timing matters a lot. And it only occupies 1.6MB of your storage.

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Chess for Android

You'll be surprised to know how much useful stuff can be packed in just 1.1MB. Apart from playing a game of chess, you can also connect an external board.
YouTube/ Aart Bik
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You have to eliminate clusters of 3 or more bubbles by shooting at them. It lacks the panache offered by other similar games, but it only grabs 1MB of your storage.

Bubble Shooter

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One of our favourite puzzle games for smartphones only weighs a megabyte. Your goal in this game is to swipe the tiles to move and get to 2048.
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