Touchjet Wave Turns Your TV Into a Tablet

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Touchjet Wave Turns Your TV Into a Tablet

Have you been thinking about getting an Android set-top-box for your television but been put off by the clunky remotes that come with these systems? Our latest Kickstarter of the Week, the Touchjet Wave could be just what you're looking for.

The Wave is an Android attachment for your television, and converts your flatscreen into a smart TV. It connects to your TV's HDMI port, and it has two USB ports to connect an external HDD or other attachment to it if you wish. But what makes it really stand out from other Android add-ons is that it isn't just a dongle or a set top box. Instead, the Wave is designed like a clip that attaches to the top edge of your television - there's a small camera unit there, but it's not pointed at you for Skype calls - it's pointed at the TV's screen, and turns it into a giant touchscreen.

The Wave is powered by a 2GHz quad core, processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage. It connects to your phone over Bluetooth 4.0 low energy, so you can control the TV from your couch using a companion app on either iOS or Android. There's also an infrared stylus so you can use the screen more easily, and it will work with a TV between 20-inches and 80-inches.

You can use it like any Android smart TV - to browse the Web, or run apps, and thanks to the optical touch sensor, you can use it just like a giant tablet, with four-point multitouch. It connects to your home Wi-Fi, and aside from the touch controls, there's also a companion app for both Android and iOS to control the Wave, and you can also share media from your phone to the Wave.

You can see more in the video below:

The Wave had a funding goal of $100,000 (approximately Rs. 65 lakh) that it blew past in just a few days. The project is still accepting funds until September 12, so you can still get one now for $119 or approximately Rs. 7,750. The estimated delivery is for March 2016, and if you're ordering from outside the US, you have to pay an additional $30 (approximately Rs. 2,000) for shipping.

About Kickstarter of the week
In this weekly column, we look at crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, to try and find the coolest new projects from the world of crowdfunding. Sometimes, we've found really interesting projects like the Here Wireless Headphones, that function as an audio equaliser for the real world. At other times, we've come across stuff that's just fun, such as the gaming drones.

Not everything we find here is going to be the next Oculus Rift or Pebble Smartwatch(, and of course, with any crowdfunded project there's the risk that it won't actually ship, even after being funded.

Still, if you can afford to set a little money aside, some of these projects can be really cool, and worth backing, much like the Touchjet Wave. To see more from the world of crowdfunding, check out our previous Kickstarter of the Week stories.


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