How Suzuki Connect’s Advanced Telematics Take Your Driving Experience to the Next Level

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How Suzuki Connect’s Advanced Telematics Take Your Driving Experience to the Next Level

Driving a car is an amazing experience - having your every input translate to speed and manoeuvrability is always thrilling and empowering at the same time. While cars are getting better each generation with a high number of features that you come in direct contact with, there's a lot that keeps improving under the hood. A lot of credit for your car's overall performance can be given to the engine's Engine Control Unit (ECU). It controls various aspects of your engine's running and behavior, while gathering information about your driving patterns, and potential issues. Wouldn't it be great if this information was not only limited to the technicians but to you, the car owner, as well? Especially in a country like India, where our regular driving patterns are vastly different from arguably anywhere else in the world.


We have apps for just about every aspect of our lives. We want to stay connected to workout, make payments, manage our work, and even handle our social lives. The only thing we haven't proactively been connected to is our cars, which is surprising considering how much time we spend in it. What if the car you drive could tell you about problems before they happen, give you an accurate idea about the condition of the engine, and even give you feedback for better driving?


Now, Maruti Suzuki India Limited has researched, developed, tested and introduced an Advanced Telematics Solution catering to the needs of the Indian market. Telematics is basically the name given to the tech that helps the car provide information to the user or car owner through long-distance transmission. ‘Suzuki Connect', as Maruti Suzuki India Limited calls it, enhances the car owning experience by connecting with the car owner's smartphone though the NEXA App (available on iOS and Android), and proving crucial features like emergency alerts, vehicle tracking, driving behavior analysis, car assistance, driving analytics report amongst a host of other features. The last two options are especially important, as it can not only help car owners optimize their driving style for better car performance and mileage, but also monitor any other driver's performance on the same vehicle. The hardware and software for Suzuki Connect telematics system was developed from scratch and the large distribution network has been extensively trained at various levels to handle your queries and requirements.


Suzuki Connect along with the NEXA app can make your car's information as easily accessible as anything else on your smartphone. It exchanges information with a centralized server using cellular networks, which in turn is connected to the NEXA customer care. So what you get here is highly accurate data, and proactive alerts and warnings before a problem arises in the car. This ensures that your car is well taken care of at any given time, highly reducing the chance of a breakdown. In fact Suzuki Connect can be configured to send emergency alerts to up to 5 selected users, ensuring that your loved ones are reached without delay.


Owning a car has never been safer than with the Suzuki Connect system. You can live track your car at any given point of time, so you know exactly where it is and where it's going. You can also create a geographical boundary for your car, so in case it's driven beyond that, you will get immediately notified. It even gives you alerts when you're running low on fuel, so you can plan a re-fueling stop before it's too late. Other useful features include service due date reminder, speed-monitor that can alert you if your car is being driven faster than your set limit, and more.


Unlike third-party OBD (on-board diagnostics) kits that are available in the aftermarket segments that promise to inform you similar statistics, Suzuki Connect is not a plug and play device that can be inserted and removed. It uses TCU (Telematics Control Unit), which, unlike an OBD, is deeply embedded into the car's Engine Control Unit, making it a lot more secure and tamper-proof. Maruti Suzuki India Limited has over 2800 technicians trained across the country to safely and systematically install Suzuki Connect in NEXA cars. With the promise of convenience and service and the kind of information that will help you get the most of your car, and even make you a better driver while at it - the Suzuki Connect is a must-buy add-on for every NEXA car owner. Visit the website or go to any NEXA Showroom or NEXA Service near you.


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