Reliance Jio Launch Highlights

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  • Reliance Jio unveiled free voice calls across India
  • The service will have no roaming charges in India
  • Data priced at Rs. 50/GB (current avg Rs. 250)

The Jio part of Ambani's address is over. We hope you enjoyed this live blog. For more, stay tuned to Gadgets 360.

He's wrapping up the address now. "From the 5th of September India will change forever."

"I appeal sincerely to all my fellow operators to provide interconnect with Jio so that no Jio customer suffers."

"Once incumbents give us interconnect you will experience voice like never before"

Ambani is asking incumbent providers not to create unfair hurdles at the point of interconnect between Jio and other customers. Jio customers suffered 5 crore call failures due to insufficient interconnect capacity, Ambani says.

He's encouraging healthy competition from other operators.

Over 5 lakh partners of Jio across India: Ambani.

He hasn't exactly set a date for the target though.

He's set a target of 100 million customers in the shortest possible time to create new world record.

"I've always set impossible goals for Jio team. They have exceeded my expectations always."

He's now thanking all employees of Jio. Looks like the address is about to end.

Ambani is now talking about the staff at Jio. Average age is 30. Two directors at Jio - Aakash and Esha are both 24 years old. Ambani says Jio is what it is because of young employees.

Jio will be rolling out Fibre to the Home wired Internet to select cities. Speeds up to 1Gbps

Initially, feedback will be gathered from people who use Jio to iron out defects.

Mukesh is calling this move "Datagiri".

"Starting Monday, September 5, Jio's boquet of apps, all services available for everyone absolutely free. Till 31 December 2016."

"One more thing..."

He's moved on to Jio for enterprises.

"Jio is connecting a majority of schools and colleges with WiFi"

Those with a valid student ID will be able to get 25 percent more data on Jio tariffs.

Student plan being announced now.

"Unlimited night time LTE data"

Jio price starts at Rs. 19 per day. Goes up to Rs. 4,999 per month for 75GB of data!

You'll see your bill in real time. Don't have to wait till the end of the month.

"No more blackout days. When you need to send a message on Diwali (or other holidays) operators charge double the rate." Not on Jio.

Jio has only 10 main plans.

"Pricing structure should be simple for every Indian to understand."

Jio makes India the highest quality lowest price data market in the world.

"More data you use, lower the rates"

Data rates: 5 paise per MB. Rs. 50 per GB.

Jio will have a base rate that's one-tenth of existing rates.

On to data rates.

"Jio will put an end to all voice call charges in India"

Calls to all networks across India are free. Roaming charges also zero across India, Ambani said.

"All voice calls for Jio customers will be absolutely free". Whoa!

"Customers should pay only for voice or data. Not both."

"We have always put the customer first"

Now, about tariffs.

With an Aadhaar card, you can walk out of a Jio store within 15 minutes, with a working connection, Ambani said.

"We want to make the onboarding experience for all Jio customers as simple as possible"

You can now sign up for Jio with just an Aadhaar card in Mumbai and Delhi.

This will be valid till December 2017.

He just announced that Jio apps boquet - worth Rs. 15,000 per year - will be free for a year for all Jio users.

JioCinema app has 6000 movies, 60000 music videos in 10 languages.

JioTV app lets you watch 300 plus live TV channels and 40 HD channels.

Ambani has moved on to talking about Jio's catalogue of apps.

The JioFi router has been launched at just Rs. 1,999.

He just announced new Lyf devices starting at Rs. 2,999.

Ambani said more than 70 percent of all devices sold in India support 4G LTE. And that soon that will be 100 percent.

He said Jio wants to transform India from a high-price data market to one with the lowest data rates anywhere in the world.

"Jio has the necessary foundation to be ready for virtual reality and augmented reality"

"Jio is the only network born as a mobile video network from the ground up"

"It's the largest 4g only network in the world today."

He said it's the only 4G-only network in India and "not mostly 2G, sometimes 3G, and rarely 4G".

By March 2017, we'll cover 90% of India's population.

"The all IP design makes Jios network the most future proof in the world."

"It's India's first all IP network, data strong network, mobile video network, true 4G covering 18000 cities and 2lakh villages, Volte, 5G and 6G ready"

Ambani just said that legacy telcos are trying to retrofit data to their networks. He compares it to using a translator. He says Jio is designed for the Internet.

"They have built it for voice calls and SMS"

"Most legacy telecom providers have not built their networks for data and Internet"

Ambani is now outlining his vision for Jio and talking about how it's in line with PM Modi's Digital India vision.

"Jio is our solemn commitment to every Indian"

"Data is the oxygen of digital life and it must never be in short supply"

"We have called it jio because it means to live. There is nothing more precious in this world than life."

"With the launch of Jio India's rank will go to the top 10"

"India is ranked 155 of 230 countries for mobile, broadband, and Internet services"

"I want to dedicate the commencement of Jio to 1.2 billion Indians"

"This morning I start with the newest and youngest momber of the family - Jio"

Mukesh Ambani just said that the government has confirmed Padma Vibhushan award for Shri Dhirubhai Ambani - his father who founded Reliance.

The Jio branding is everywhere on the stage. As we expected, Reliance Jio is going to be the focus of the event.

"Today we will write history for India," Ambani says.

Mukesh Ambani just took the stage.

The company's chairman Mukesh Ambani just walked in. He greeted all the shareholders.

Reliance Jio is expected to be in focus at this AGM.

Gadgets 360 is at the venue and it is jam packed.

Welcome to our live blog of the Reliance Industries' AGM.

Reliance Industries' annual general meeting (AGM) will start at 11 am. The company's chairman Mukesh Ambani is expected to talk about its biggest launch this year - Reliance Jio. This is the company's big push in the telecom sector, with Jio betting big on its 4G services.

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We don't expect to see the company announce the commercial launch of Jio 4G services just yet, but Reliance Jio officials have hinted that it's going to be an important announcement. The company could also make announcements regarding its JioOnDemand video service. The company has offered Jio 4G SIM cards under a preview offer that includes three months of free 4G usage with no limits on the amount of data you can use. This has led to iPhone-like queues at various Reliance stores.

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As of now Jio SIM cards are not available for all smartphones, so you will have to check if your phone is compatible before buying one of them. That hasn't stopped people from queuing up to get one of these SIM cards. Mobile data is still at a premium in India, and Jio's offer seems to have caught people's attention simply because of its cost - zero for a limited time.

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At today's AGM, Reliance may announce data tariffs for Jio 4G services after the preview offer ends. The commercial launch could still be a few months away. Reliance Jio's preview offer has also made established operators such as Airtel slash 4G data tariffs.


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