Microsoft mocks Apple's iPad in yet another television commercial

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Microsoft mocks Apple's iPad in yet another television commercial
Microsoft has mocked Apple iPad yet again in a new TV commercial.

This time the competition is between the Apple iPad and the Windows RT based Dell XPS 10 tablet. The ad features a Siri voice over just like Microsoft's previous commercial that compared the iPad with the Asus VivoTab PC. Surely, Microsoft is taking competition seriously and is using humour to make that point.

The commercial begins with Microsoft taking on the iPad's home screen and it's no zoom out limitation.  The commercial has a user use a pinch out gesture on the iPad only to have Siri say, "I am sorry. I don't zoom out like that." and mumble "Ouch" in protest. The Dell XPS 10 on the other hand, easily zooms out to view the entire start screen on the tablet.

The next take is on the lack of an SD card slot on the iPad. Just as a user unsuccessfully tries to insert a microSD card at various places on the iPad, the commercial has Siri say "You can't put an SD card there. Or there. Or there." The Dell tablet on the other hand easily puts the card on and displays the photographs on the SD card.
The multitasking feature on Windows 8 RT that lets you perform two tasks at once has been touted as a strength time and again. In the commercial, as the Windows tablet splits its screen to watch a movie and browse the calendar simultaneously, Siri appreciates the coolness of the feature by saying, "You can do two things at once. That's cool."

Finally the prices of the two tablets are revealed with the 32GB iPad priced at $599 and the 32GB Dell XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet coming with a limited offer price of $399. Siri's response to the price comparison is, "That's not cool." Watch the commercial to decide whether you think the advert is cool or not.

Microsoft perhaps seems to be on a mocking marathon when it comes to its rivals. The Windows tablets with the Siri voice overs are a great dig at the most popular tablet in the market. Also, the company's commercial for Nokia Lumia 920 with a 'Don't fight. Switch' message, is also an interesting way to suggest that amidst the Android and iOS rivalry it might be wise to just 'switch' to the Windows Phone.

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