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Swipe Elite Plus

Swipe Elite Plus smartphone with 5.00-inch 1080x1920 display powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor alongside 2GB of RAM and 13-megapixel rear camera.

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  • It's amazing
    Ashutosh (Jun 11, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    You would love it. What a gem they have manufactured? Camera is the best part...It is truly best among all the phones under 10,000/- Of course Redmi Note has better camera but look at the price difference. Yureka plus also has nice camera but it also cost 9,000/-. Also other competitors is K3 Note but every where Elite Plus will match with 2000-3000 lesser price. So you know who is the winner. I have used all the above that's why I can say this. Besides the processor and battery is also good. It tends to heat a bit but you can very well manage it. Also the battery if you take proper care will last easily 1.5 days.... In any case Rs. 6,999/- is damn good price for all this along with 1080p screen.
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  • very bad mobile
    Thirupal Reddy (Sep 29, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    battary discharge very fast 100% battary discharge very fast even no use night 100% battary after moring its 20%
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  • Worst phone
    Yash यादव (Sep 19, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    The Worst phone I have seen ever. heatsw like hell. thats why this phone have battery issue after having 3000mAh battery. I ordered the phone on 4sept.2016 on flipkart, and i got the phone on 6sept2016 on 7pm. exect after 24 Hours next day something on 7-8pm it given the demo of its built quality. it got hanged. when i long pressed power button. to restart it, it stuck on "switch of" animation. so i hold the power key again but nothing happened. Being a IT and tech addict and smartphone expert any how i restarted it. But this poor phone does not stopped just on it. I faced many issues between 7sept to 18 sept. i was tried to return it but my busy shedule. don't given me chance to complete the process. to return it. on 18 sept. its display was become completely dark but it was on. i tried many ways to get something on screen but finely i hold power button to restarted it. it swiched off. and when it was have to start. it stuck on boot animation. i mean it shows "swipe elite plus" written on screen. and when it have to start it shows blank screen. today on 19sept. i visited its service center. or more truelly i visited a poorest shop on a basement. having a lote of dirt. so on the service center. they took my phone and said that the phone will go company which will take 15-20 days. actually, the mistake was mine how can spend 7000 rupees on a phone which company is said to be fraud.
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  • power with beauty
    Mohit Parmar (Aug 22, 2016) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    I am using this phone for last 10 days,its a very good smartphone, Pros-1.13mp rear and 8mp front ,camera is exelent ,I can't believe that a 7k price phone have camera like that. 2.2gb ram and 11gb internal storage 3.Qualcomm snapdragon processor 4.full HD 5inch display with 441ppi 5.3050mah battery 6.sleek and attractive slim design 7.dragon trail glass protection 8.some apps are best which are Previn stalled like that,mix,compass, 9.speaker come with jbl sound effect. Cons- 1.only one thing which is not good that is you can't remove preinstalled app ,but you can save your phone ram by disable the app, I strongly recommended this phone because it is Indian brand and lots of specification in just 7000 rs,thank you for give your time
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  • Superb mobile in this price range
    Pradeep Ramane (Aug 8, 2016) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Hello fiends .... i am using elite+ from past 1 month its really nice mobile 1) nice crispy display 2) good battery backup (almost 12 to 14 hrs with heavy use ) 3) good sound quality (while useing samsung earphone) 4) best part is back camera (its a samsung camera) 5) you can play high end game like (Gta & asphlat-8) 6) user interface is nice like motorola mobile bad pat 1) little warm but expectbale (because price is low) 2) some time hang but again i tell you (expectbale because price is low ) . Over all vere nice mobile in this price range you defenatle naver feel regrate
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  • elite plus- worth to buy
    Kumar Harsh (Jun 14, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    phone is best for gamers who wanted to play games without disturbance.The camera is also good and the look is the best I have ever seen. but the phone heat up quickly
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  • worst phone . bad experience with flipkart.
    Kabali Anil (Sep 4, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    This mobile not at all work good as specified . phone is too slow even with 2gb ran and 1.5 processor . it always heats and hanged many times in a month .touch is alos not good. So my advice is not to buy this mobile and don't waste your money
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  • Waste of Money
    Sandeep Gole (Sep 29, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    Total waste of money. Chinese mobile better than swipe mobile.....
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  • loved it its best smartphone under 6500
    Faiyaz Khan (Feb 27, 2017) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    good camera and display
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  • Best phone in this segment
    Bini Chaudhary (Oct 15, 2016) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Very good phone in this segment.I am using this phone for more than one month and not face any issue so far.Good performance, no lag at all. resolution and camera quality is also very good. 3050 battery is also decent.
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  • good for internet and other use
    Wari J S (Aug 6, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    not tested for games.. however speed in internet, and other normal features are good. do not go on technical values.. you will get confused.. simply buy this model for this low budget after six months or 1 year change to another model..till such time swipe the swipe!!
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  • GO FOR IT for who love to make Selfieeeeee
    Aman Kumar (Aug 29, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    For full description visit.... http://gauriaman.blogspot.in/
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  • Features..for Swipe Elite plus
    Shashank Gupta (Jun 20, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    Phone specification looks great ...love to buy lok forward to see more response for this product has a great outlook beats the most trusted brands
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  • two speaker working or only one ?
    Nirupam Bisen (Dec 30, 2016) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Can anyone tell me, there is only one speaker working in this phone or what?? Please help me.
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  • Plese tell me about Sound quality ( while using earphone )
    Pradeep Ramane (Jul 9, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    Hello friends i am also really impress on swipe elite plus please give your valuable comment like 1) about Sound quality ( while using earphone ) or speaker volume when see movie on fone 2) mobile performance (battery call quality) Thank you....
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  • OMG! They do illigal business practice!
    Raj Ghosh (Nov 30, 2018) on Gadgets 360
    I bought a swipe mobile product from Amazon, after a few months, within the warranty period, the touch screen stop working. Then I handed over the phone in a service centre of swipe, to get the phone repaired. After keeping more than 8 months, now they say me, the phone cannot be repaired, because the company not supporting them any more... What is this? Is it a joke? No, I mean after keeping my phone 8 month, now how they can just told me company not giving service any more... What kind of business practice it is? If you are not a fraud, then answer me swipe, however I know you can't take the pain to answer any of your customer... Because you are a fraud company...
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  • Not a good option
    Vikas Garg (Jul 11, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    There are many problem with this phone: 1) Heating is the biggest issue. It can hurt your ear. 2) Battery performance is poor. I need to charge thrice. 3) Screen is very poor. After using for 30 Min, I came into AC. Heat and Cool effect brought crack in screen. 4) SIM 1 slot is not proper functioning. User get poor calling and internet performance in this slot. 5) 1 Speaker out of 2 were not working. Good Things: 1) Speed is Nice. 2) Good internet speed over Wi-Fi.
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  • Don't buy this product
    Karthik (Jul 9, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    I recommend for the new users don't buy this product .. Problems: Over heating Suddenly it will switch off No software updates Very slow Very few service centers Camera sometimes doesn't work properly First 3months it will give high outputs,after that you didn't find that type of outputs after 3-5 months Very disappointed with this product
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  • poor performance and very bad service centre
    Md Shahid Hashmi (May 30, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    I bought this phone 8 months ago.Now the phone is not getting started.Authorized swipe service centre said that all service centres in west bengal are closed by Swipe.So Ihave to pay for repairing. don't by never buy it.
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  • 3 words, 'Do not buy'
    Benny Jacob (Mar 26, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    I am 23 and I bought this on flip kart on 2016 October . the phone was over heating from the start itself. The battery performance was poor. By December, the phones network had problems and I reset the phone. It never switched on again . so I gave it for service in Cochin, it took 47 days for the phone to get repaired and sent back. Now, last week, that is start of march , the touch screen started showing complaints and now the touch is totally crazy and right edge is completely unresponsive. So, I have never been disappointed like this before with an electronic gadget. I had an issue choosing this with coolpad , now I feel sad for selecting this. Simply saying, just don't buy this product, better not to buy any of swipe product. Trust me.
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  • Very bad phone. Very bad customer service.
    Gkn (Jan 26, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    >The phone had heating issues since day 1. >Camera picture quality is non-satisfactory. >After 4-6 months, the touch screen stopped working. >The battery started swelling and giving problems. >I gave it at the Swipe service centre. It is 3 months and they are still repairing it. Called swipe customer care several times. Everytime they give the excuse that parts are not available hence it is not getting repaired.
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  • meditonalex
    Thrang LAmare (Jan 12, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    worst handset 1. heating issue 2. network auto switchoff 3. hanging problem 4. when using jio battery drain fast
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  • swipe elite plus
    Kapil Kumar (Jan 5, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    i have very experiance from this i sad this phone is worth less phone totaley most lost never buy swipe elite plus mobile
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  • Best phone with poor quality
    ദിജിൽരാജ് ശ്രീവത്സം ചേകവർ (Oct 15, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    Reviews about this phone. Its heat little bit. But now understood its Heat So much even after 3 to 5 minute usage. I thought i can adjust it cz of the price. But i have to adjust a Lot. And. Wonder that Charger Stoped working after 2nd usage. Very Bad.. Now searching for service center. Other part handset is a good deal. Woth splendid Camera. Front and back. No lags on UI. But still not satisfied cz of charger and heat. If they rectify these issues This one would be a best phone in the market.
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  • Elite note - wast of money and time for repair
    Akhilesh Maslee (Oct 14, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    I have by my phone in the month of May 2016, My phone got problem of overheating, auto switched off, line on the scree. I have used this phone only for three months. I have given for the repair in the month of Sept 2016 still my problem is not solved and still i am without phone today. Those who really working with phone, my suggestion do not go for swipe product you will be in loss. Just want to say "what they are saying you will get everything but unreliable not durable, low quality phone look like china phone"
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  • getting up heaeted v fast battery drains fast
    S M RANGANATH (Oct 14, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    After seeing the full page advt in Hindu i was tempted to puschse as price was attactive but v bad mobile battery drains v fast it is heating up. You can press your cloth from this mobile. Utter failure. Not even four months old speaker has gone I am not getting ring sound. will co help me to get my mobile serviced>?
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  • plzz dont bay this mobile ... your money absolutely wast....
    R Avi R Ritu (Aug 31, 2016) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    mobile liye 5din hua hain.... lene ka baadh yeh do din mein power n off ka problem ho raha hain is phone mein... replacement gurrenty 10 dina ka tah complete kiya replacement ma ab mobile replacement nahi kiya filpkart.... rejected kar mera replacement order
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  • worest software
    Muthu Kumar (Jul 20, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    1.call connecting and disconnecting time phone vibration in near ur ear so irritating. i try all method it wont work. 2. 2nd sim only 2G no 3G. 3.when open gallery its show camera photo only. not showing all album poto. u want change the setting every time. 4.u wanna call are sending message it show sim1 sim2 only.. not showing the network name. 5.No display after taking a snap. so dont buy this mobile
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  • worst phone ever
    Harsh Gupta (Jun 8, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    my worst experience with flipkart. this is worst quality phone. the octa-core processor is of no use. 1gb ram phones run better than this.camera is not that good as compared to same configurations. hanging issue + voice of phone is so worst. please do not buy this phone. flipkart is not giving return plocy on this phone. dont buy . i just wasted my 6999. flipkart is a worst e commerce company in respect of mobile. please share and save people from being befooled..
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  • Excellent Phone
    Manzar Rahman (Sep 9, 2016) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    I recommend this phone because of its features and toughness.I am using it from 4 months the company gives updates.Camera is excellent, screen quality is excellent. Heating issue is revolved automatically.Great phone.
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