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Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III mobile with 4.80-inch 720x1280 display powered by 1.4GHz quad-core processor alongside 1GB of RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Worth your money, any day!
    Thulasi Sreenath (May 17, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    My first Samsung phone & I have to say, it is too good. Though it plastic, build quality above par, design is beautiful & high end. The display is incredibly sharp & vibrant. The camera app is good & it takes brilliant photos but not in low light situations. It's really fast at carrying out every task. There are little-to-no interruptions when performance matters. It can handle heavy games without any lags. The call quality is just amazing. The size of phone is not friendly for one hand user like me. Battery capability is good, but it can get hot during usage, that?s disappointing. I persuaded many people to buy this phone & no one is disappointed with this.
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  • Simply The Best
    Nik Nigam (May 23, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    It really is the best... when it came out it outshined all other phones in its class and above all, it was actually the FIRST SMARTPHONE and could track ur movements n all...all this time that i hve had it it has never lagged at all and handles everything smoothly..the only cons which i found were the excess amount of samsung environment nd the lack of an intense android is trully a phone for all because it fullfills all the needs of an office junkie who needs his files around him and deals smoothly with all the games a mobile gamer needs and is a great family phone as it suits all members of a family equally overall its a good phone except for its pricing
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  • first Samsung phone that had impressed me.
    Narendra Chandana (May 9, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    I always hated Samsung phones because same as the apple they also over price their products. I never liked a Samsung phone before Galaxy S3. I always new Andriod OS is capable of lot of things we could imagine and the first phone I got my hands which could utilize andriod power was Galaxy S3. Its like feather, so beautiful. With great performance and amoled display with a screen resolution of 1280x720.... wow thats an amazing display. Its 1.4GHz processor combined with 1GB of ram gives you great performance. I take pictures a lot and the 8MP camera in this phone is just awesome. As every samsung product, this is also overpriced at the time of its release and even now at 23,000 I still feel it is overpriced because you could get a better phone The Motorola Moto X at this price which beats Galaxy S3 in every spec we could talk about and also Moto X has voice processor and context processor too. I wish samsung could have slashed its price near to 17,000/- and probably it won't help now because OnePlus One is going to be launched very soon at price under 20,000/-
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  • Its been with me for one and a half years! Still I'm in love with it!
    Abhijith S (May 26, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    I have been using SGS3 for about one and a half year. And Still i'm in love with it like the time i got it. There are many reasons for it. The specs were the top notch when I got my phone. 1.4ghz quad core processor and 1gb ram was only available in some handsets, And I wanted the best of them. I chose my S3. There was htc one x and xperia z (I guess) at that time. I bought it for 34k (yeah its now 22k, Samsung does this, But I have no regret). As I said, I have been using s3 for a long time, it has gone through a hell lot of abuse from my side (both hardware and software). It has dropped several times from my hand. And still no scratch or crack on the screen. The corning gorilla glass is worth it. I dont use screen guard as I dont like the slippery nature of it. Also touching on the glass directly feels so much better. But hey, my phone doesn't have a single scratch. That's the power of gorilla. I'm a power user ( :D ). I mean I have rooted my phone and have been changing ROMs (Custom modified android OS)(Do a google search if you don't know ;) ). So my phone has taken so many abuse on the software too. Even sometimes the things had gone wrong, when trying all the risky stuff in root. But since this is samsung s3, there are many other people out there to help, in XDA , rootzwiki etc. Any problem, they will help. This kind of software support from large number of developers shows the huge popularity of the phone. This is one of the major thing I particularly like about this phone. I guess, this is the most successful phone that was ever made by samsung. When S4 was released I didn't even want to change my phone. Coming about performance, The 1.4ghz exynos processor is/was a beast. Now also I can play any game in playstore and it supports any applications. I play Asphalt 8 regularly. The processor is the same as that of in the note 2. We can also overclock the processor to 1.6ghz to make it as fast as note2 (Again, Root and custom kernel). The display, Super HD AMOLED is the another best thing about this phone I guess. The display of SGS3 outshines every other HD Display ( Every Display is not the same, Just use a samsung phone and compare it with others, you'll understand the quality). Coming about battery life, I really cant comment about it, because for me I'm getting one and half days of battery life now, its because I'm on a custom kernel. I got a day full battery when I was not rooted. Coming about the Value for money now, I guess, its little less compared to that of other phones. Moto X and Moto G are the best value for money pAs always samsung phones maintain the demand and there are always people who want samsung only :D. Whom would I recommend this phone then? Hm. The power user, hones. Moto X packs similar performance and display.I guess that doesn't affect the sales of s3, those guys who want to mod their phone and use the android to the extreme. ;)
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  • Top Class Phone
    Mahesh Mehta (May 15, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    No Pros neither Cons.... I just love this phone. I bought a second hand galaxy s3 phone from for 12ks. I have rooted the phone and used a custom rom and guess what it is running smoothly. 10 on 10 for these smart phone from Samsung.
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  • always best in its class
    Jayant Sharma (May 3, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    Awesome phone with AWESOME specs. Specification. Display 4.80-inch- super amoled HD - gorrila glass Processor 1.4GHz quad core - exynos 4 Front Camera 1.9-megapixel Resolution 720x1280 pixels - 306 ppi RAM 1GB OS Android 4 - upgradable to 4.2.2 8 mp rear Camera 2100 mah battery Review- Good Great performance,Excellent camera,great display Bad S-Voice is of limited utility,Pricing,design
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  • One of the best Overall mobile phone
    Golconda Khushal (May 31, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    I bought this mobile around 1 Year back.. And yet this is one of the best phones I have used. The only problem with this mobile if the Ram management .. If it could have 2gb ram it would be better.. Screen is good Battery is also good Camera good.. Rest everything is good except ram management And Samsung Bloatware A must buy even now......
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  • Review : Galaxy S3
    Mayank Bhasin (May 21, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    I can honestly say, this galaxy s3 has served me well before I changed it with another device. I am really surprised by the fact that even after getting almost 2 years old, it never proved to be a slouch in any case. Although the pricing I would say was certainly not value for money, but all in all this galaxy S3 served me a great time . The screen on this device has certainly been the area where Samsung put in quite a lot of effort and time and it shows, with the 720p HD 4.8 inch screen showing a great color repoduction. I would certainly appreciate the Touchwiz UI, although many say that it stutters a lot and requires decent specs/hardware to run it fluently, I honestly didn't had a hitch with it. I would say though that multitasking on this device can certainly kill it (I mean make it's battery life get shrunken down to zero in little to no time. It cam with top of the line spec when it rolled out, and it still is a decent package even in today's standard, where high-end phones are quite the norm. I really loved the camera on this device, although low light photography was certainly not either a recommendation or a consideration. But the photos it took in daylight were pretty damn good. Call quality was excellent, as it's been Samsung's motive in it's galaxy series. Music quality was also decent, but when the earphones were used, one could seriously hear the mids, highs and lows all at the perfect time. All in all, I can certainly recommend this galaxy s3 for a user who has a pretty light usage on his devices, because now the S3 wont be able to handle the multitasking it could when it was released, but it certainly is no slouch according to today's standards.
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  • good phone
    Midhun Kumar (May 17, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    1. Price Samsung achieved top position in mobile world due to best hardware at aggressive pricing but HTC ONE-X is quad core too clocked at 1.5 GHz and available at lesser price. 2. Resolution Resolution of 720 x 1280 Pixels is very promising and produces a realistic display quality with high contrast and sharp looking images. 3. Screen According to a consumer survey 4 inch screens are most appropriate for single hand use whereas screens like 5.3 of Note and 4.8 of S3 have reduced the mobility comfort in mobiles. People end up using both hands to operate such large screens. Not to mention the increased risk of screen cracking due to inevitable rough usage. Otherwise AMOLED screen quality is phenomenal. 4. Battery Battery (2100 mAH) is quite impressive and works beyond expectations on heavy duty of such large screen and quad core processor. 5. Build Quality People might like rounded corners and plastic finish but personally I feel the cheap looking plastic design is toy like and doesn't gives a premium look. Its a matter of individual taste. 6. Camera Camera is 8mp same as that of Galaxy S2 with improved interface and color sharpness. courtesy- Android v4 ICS. Front camera is also provided. 7. Graphics Graphics have not been improved, same old Mali-400MP as that of Galaxy S2. But Quad core makes its own contributions. 8. Other Features However Samsung has always amazed its customers by setting new benchmarks in mobile world. Android Ice-cream sandwich is icing on the cake. S view and S stay though new features but are little unreal in the fast world where we cant wait and press for long, speak to mike, wait for system response and then affirm. Phew ! A bit lengthy process, I would rather touch the app icon.
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  • A great steal
    ANUJ NEGI (Jun 1, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    A great overall phone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a zippy dual-core processor and has Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and an update to 4.4.2 is available,also included is 4G LTE/HSPA+ 42 capability and a strong 8-megapixel camera. S Beam is an excellent software enhancement, and the handset's price is right at INR 20K. The Galaxy S3's screen is too dim, and Samsung's S Voice is a disappointment. Pumped with high-performing hardware and creative software features, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is an excellent, top-end phone that's neck and neck with the HTC One X. Recommended for students of all age groups.
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  • Decent phone since its in market
    Abin Baby (May 10, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    This phone pack an -Exynos Quad-core 1.4 GHz processor along with -1 GB of RAM.At first it had - Ice Cream Sandwich and later got- jellybean update.and now some versions of S3 already got there -kitkat update.It has- 720p AMOLED display .It has- 8MP rear and -1.9MP front facing camera which is good enough for decent photos. S3 has -16 GB onboard memory which can be further expanded upto- 64 GB with microsd card.It has all connectivity option except LTE for international version.It packs a -Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery and it wont last a day.Almost need to charge it twice a day. As far as performance and user experience is concerned it perform well with basic apps and when it come to top end games it lag a bit and shows frame-drop while playing.Works well with basic games like Temple run and upto games with graphic intense like Dead trigger.It is getting hot while playing games having huge file size.Onces my battery app showed 45 c while playing(that was extremely high temperature for a phone).The phone started behaving like this after it was updated to 4.3.There is 831 mb ram which is usable and gets 350 mb free with no background app running . This phone is good enough to take normal workload to some extent and i recommend this for for those play with messaging apps and basic games..:-)
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  • Change your price
    Rahul Choudhuary (Sep 18, 2018) on Gadgets 360
    Price is given for the phone this page is not correct please update your price
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