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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime mobile with 5.00-inch 540x960 display powered by 1.2GHz quad-core processor alongside 1GB of RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera.

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  • It has a hanging issue which repeated many times while using
    Sachin Singh (Dec 27, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    I'll give this zero star. This is worse mobile that I have ever used..
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  • Disappointing
    Keith Greenshields (Sep 11, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    Slow, Hangs, Shuts down with google map directions, camera has no zoom features worth mentioning. System uses more then half the ram. Storage is small. I am disappointed in upgrading from a superior older phone...the Galaxy S2.
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  • lollipop update in samsung galaxy grand prime
    Talib Das (Mar 22, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    Mobile is nice but i wont to know this only Can this mobile gets lollipop update.
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  • Troubleshoots
    Lalit Morey (Sep 16, 2016) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    I have faced this troubleshoots with my samsung galaxy grand prime. Performs slowly Freezes Turns off or unexpectedly restarts Displays error messages Is unable to install or update applications There is enough space in my phone memory but still it freezes and mobile get heated during to get rid of this problems??
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  • very bad set i ever had
    Kiran Khan (Aug 29, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    don't buy samsung Galaxy Grand prime,this now has a bug in all sets ,they all get hanged even in basic apps and company is not ready to accept their fault, facilitators at service care center misbehave with customer,torture them mentally and trouble their customers... and one of the facilitator asked me to sell my 3 months used cell (with warranty) if it would not work properly after changing processor..when i offered him to buy it he replied i will buy it in 5000PKR.. means your own facilitator is degrading his company's phone that my new only 3 months used (with warranty) would b of worth 5000pkr only after changing its mother this your facility? you by yourselves is not satisfied with your service it means you know this set has no worth now..?
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  • Very bad phone
    Akanksha Agarwal (Feb 5, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    I bought this phone and it worked fine but after 20 days, when i want to call some one it restarts and hangs. Can some one help me with is problem ??
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  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 4G.
    Srinivas Srinivas (Dec 30, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    Its not working. I hope they released this model for testing purpose. Do not purchase this phone and not jump into troubles.
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  • this is worst phone i have seen in my life,
    Laxman Hampiholi (Apr 11, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    its getting heat after using fir half an hour, most hanging problem,it hangs much. even after using some speed booster applications also its hanging.i deleted all applications n games still its hanging.its having 1 GB ram but thats waste only,,,,,,,,,,,, Pls go for other brand like sony,,,,,,samsung is a worst brand,no value for money n customers.they are cheating customers,,,,, if u go for service center,nothing they will do , they just flash it n give back..... totallllly worrrrrrssssttttttt samsung......... even no application is runnuing also it shows 90% ram used......mental samsung
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  • By Sandeep
    Venkat Sandeep (Nov 20, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    I bought this phone on 17 sep 2014 from LOT for Rs 15400. I thought it is very good and very nice features Samsung has provided for 15K only, but after buying this i felt very bad about this phone. When i started using this i found some advantages and lot of disadvantages. Only one advantage is front camera that is 5MP and OS is Kit Kat and there are lot of disadvantages like 1.only one sim will work means it is stand by mode means when you got a cal for one sim the other sim will show not reachable. 2.It will not support for USB. 3.Headphones is very bad(the same head phones which we will get for 1500 rs mobile). 4. Multi touch is not there means it will accept only one finger as a input at time. 5.Sound system also very bad. One speaker for all the functions like loud speaker,music player etc... Clarity is missing in music player... My suggestion is it better to go to Samsung galaxy grand 2 if you have a thought to buy Samsung galaxy grand prime.
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  • one of the best samsung model
    Umesh Chaurasiya (Oct 25, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    its one of the best samsung phone in terms of look n feel and feature both...would suggest to go for it. Thanks,
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  • Hand friendly phone
    Jayan Nair (Oct 5, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    I bought this phone on4/10/2014 from attingal,trivandrum for rs 15000.The display is good but it is very difficult to view even in moderate light.sound of music player is hardly audible,charging time is long. main advantage is the fine front camera(5 mp).Allother specs are good,eventhough this is not a good buy
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  • Don't buy it
    Natalie Siobhān (Jan 22, 2018) on Gadgets 360
    This is the worst phone i have ever had. I have always used Samsung and can't believe they made this shitty phone. Total waste of money and has majorly turned me off the brand. Will switch to iphone.
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  • Not reliable!
    Austin Lucous (Jun 17, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    I aquifer this phone in February of 2016, and it is now riddled with problems! My SD card keeps on popping up with an error message, the power and home buttons are stiff, the charging port had ceased to whirl, and there is only 8G of memory! Goodbye Android and hello Apple!
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  • Worst phone
    Praveen Kumar (Jun 18, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    It's camera are okay but hangs to much. I get irritated by this phone. Very cheap ear phone provide with this head set as head set come with normal Rs 1500 phone .
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  • cool phone
    Althea Laureo (Mar 13, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    kakabili ko lang this phone..super fast wifi and mobile data... ang tagal pa malowbat kahit mag hapun ako naglalaro.... mahina lang speaker,,,, pero maganda xa..pati cam so clear//
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  • owsom mobile.............
    Suraj Kumar (Dec 31, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    tis mobile owsom ....i realy like it.
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  • abt samsung grand prime
    Gudala Sanjeevarao (Nov 23, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    It is really amazing. It's display and camera are very nice in the affordable price. It has good battery backup which gives long browsing time. I really recommend it.
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  • good smart phone
    Rahul Das Gupta (Oct 22, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    no......the music player is much loud..its healthy for hearing....its consists 1gm ram......frnt camera rear 8...its really good....n the main thing is tht is kitkat is also available....looks good......its a best samsung budget using it....its very good and cool...
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  • Mr late and yours truly B
    Chibambo Boston (Dec 26, 2017) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    This phone is good, I like it, well designed, performance is OK. I guess u ll never find a device that is 100%. Am giving this a 4* because the problem is with space. It says has 8gb internal. But the system alone is almost 4.8gb and u only left with 3gb for your applications ... Which to me is robbing customers. Samsung please fix this problem of hiding space. And I can't set my sdcard to be the default storage. Why why why is it so you Samsung hey???
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  • Nice mobile
    Samar Abbas (Sep 8, 2016) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    I brought this product December 2014 15000 thousand . This product very nice. Bohat hi. Ache Range me hai mobile me speed bhi bohat achi hai.very nice mobile.
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  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime review
    Cbuystore Shop (Jan 26, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    Amazing and budget smartphone for selfie. check price from cbuystore
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  • Buy only Samsung mobile
    Dev Kumar (Nov 1, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    All the given spec about Grand prime is correct. This phone is really good. Both Camera is good and battery is also good. There is no lagging when you play number of apps and games.Totally satisfied with this mobile.Must buy
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  • An average phone
    Fazeeha Sneddon (May 24, 2018) on Gadgets 360
    I've been using the phone for just over a year. I'm not that impressed. The battery lasts me two days but that is with with minimum calls maybe 2 calls a day at the most. The camera isn't great and right now the processor is painfully slow. I have to constantly restart. Not a lot of RAM and I constantly have to delete photos etc to make room for updates. If you are only using a phone for calls and sms then I guess it would do the job
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  • the new grand prime
    Zakaria Harmachi (Dec 12, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    Hi there i have the new galaxy grand prime 4g G531f with 5.1.1 lollipop android.every thing is good and the main problem is the multi touch screen , i can only touch it twice at the same time is there an option u can enable or increase the numbers of touches i don't know how to do it
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  • misskhangwelo
    Khangwelo Mulaudzi (Jul 25, 2018) on Gadgets 360
    i have use this Product its always complaining about Space
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  • OS upgrades turned my phone into garbage
    Hurin Turam (Apr 25, 2018) on Gadgets 360
    I bought this phone through Cricket Wireless. It was good for the first year I had it - but it kept prompting for me to install and OS update. I finally installed it and now the phone is slow, unresponsive, the icons are too dim to see when outside in daylight. Also the update hid several important icons under other sections. Not an improvement in OS. Now the phone is junk and I am considering switching to a new wireless company.
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  • It isn't worth your time and money
    Professor Void (Oct 19, 2018) on Gadgets 360
    Wouldn't recommend this product, freezes way too much ,sound quality :bad , display:medium,storage and ram:really low
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    Trevor Johnson (Jul 6, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    When i first bought this phone it showed great promise. After almost 6 months of ownership i can say that its highly disappointing 1) random rebooting 2) unresponsive touch screen 3)hang's to much I PERSONALLY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE TO ANYONE I CAN HOWEVER GUARANTEE YOU FIND YOUR FAIR SHARE OF PROBLEMS
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  • sooo annoying!!!
    Joe Lunchbucket (Jun 10, 2017) on Gadgets 360
    The battery on this phone DOES NOT LAST as nearly as long as they claim. I am not a heavy app user and I have to charge this phone constantly. Also the ringtone volume changes virtually every confounded time you pick the phone up. The ring volume is in the located precisely where your naturally goes when you pick up the phone. Seriuosly? I don't need to adjust the phone volume every stinking time I pick up the phone. I can't stand this phone.
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  • Bad phone
    Sajan Sadasivan (Sep 11, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    It rebooting frequently, uses a lot of ram, and the sound quality is not better. please don't buy it. buy any other brand and enjoy your life...................
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