15 Gadgets to travel With

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Bose SoundDock Portable

    If you want big sound from a smallish dock on the move, then the Bose SoundDock Portable could be a good choice. While it does not sound as big as it's sibling, the Bose SoundDock 10, it scores on portability and comes with a rechargeable battery. The combination of Bose's famed design and a brand new Apple-like white colour makes it an irresistible choice for music buffs on the move.

    Price: Rs. 24,638

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Apple iPad 2

    Tablets are the de facto media consumption devices these days and the Apple iPad is the one of the best with more than 65000 apps. With the iPad 2, Apple has stepped-up the game further and added more processing power and dual cameras all in a slimmer package. With a large variety of games, e-book apps, nice video player and now the ability of video chat – the device is a must have, especially when you travel.

    Price: Starts at Rs. 24,500 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi version

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Apple iPod Touch

    It's no fun travelling without music, and Apple iPod is one of the best in the business of portable music players. The Apple iPod Touch is especially better than others because of its large multi-touch screen, great audio/ video capabilities and a ton of apps and games. It rates even higher than the iPad as a travel device because of its size and the number of apps on offer.

    Price: Starts at Rs. 15,400 for the 8GB model

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Belkin AC Anywhere+USB+200W

    Travellers often face the problem of charging their devices, but with the Belkin AC Anywhere+USB+200W you can charge a number of devices on the go. It has an inbuilt USB port, a 200watt power plug and a car-charging adaptor which charges the battery while travelling.

    Price: Rs. 1883

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Kodak PlaySport Zx3

    The Kodak PlaySport is a tiny portable camcorder, which shoots HD video and is waterproof too. A great accessory that fits in your pocket and lets you shoot video without the bulk of a full fledged video camera.

    Price: Rs.7245

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Amazon Kindle

    Ever carried a bunch of books on a 12-hour flight. With the Kindle you can not only carry your whole library in one device, you can even download new books on the move without having to look for a good bookstore. Also, with the goodness of E-ink displays, your eyes are also not strained. Three-day battery backup does not hurt either.

    Price: Rs. 9,100 (approx.)

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Tata Photon 3G MiFi

    Most devices that work only on Wi-Fi internet connect, like iPods and notebook computers, are generally crippled with no access on the move. An USB Internet stick only gives you access to your notebook computer.
    A MiFi device is a good answer to all. This portable device will connect to the net from anywhere and provide access to multiple computers/ devices while on the move. Must have, if you are obsessed with being connected while traveling

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Kingston Data Traveler 101 32GB

    Portable storage is very important and with the Kingston Data Traveler 101, you cannot go wrong. It is available in multiple capacities and goes up-to 32Gb and is waterproof. While on the go, the 32Gb version can store tons of data unless you are carrying your whole library of torrent videos.

    Price: Rs.2250

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Sony NEX-5

    The NEX-5 is the smallest interchangeable lens camera in the world. It gives good quality results, thanks to its SLR-class lens in an ultra compact package. Few others can match this combination of image quality and portability.

    Price: Rs.34990

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Sony PlayStation portable

    Sony's PSP is the best portable gaming console available in the country with high quality games like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and God of War: Ghosts of Sparta. It also performs well as a portable media player when it is off gaming duties.

    Price: Rs 9490

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Philips PET 723 Portable DVD Player

    If you have a large collection of DVDs and do not like to use a media tablet like the Apple iPad or a portable media player like the iPod, pick the PET 723. It is small and cute and has a rather crisp display. It also handles scratched disks pretty well.

    Price: Rs 9575

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    ECTACO Partner P500

    Ever been on an exotic foreign holiday only to be stuck with language problems while ordering a meal or taking a cab? You need the ECTACO partner P500 translator. You can type-in what you want to say and it will instantly translate it into the language it supports; and its not one of those broken translations you get on Google Translate. The interface is very intuitive and simple to use. It even has a text-to speech voice synthesis system, which detects the voice and translates it.
    (Note: Only available through online orders and prices vary on the basis of translation model)

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Targus All-In-One plug

    This solves the problem of gadget power plugs being incompatible with available sockets. The Targus all-in-one plug supports US, UK, AU and European plug heads. Another advantage is its solid build quality as it is not fragile like the Chinese knock-offs we find in the grey market. (Can only be ordered online)

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    SteriPen Traveler

    If you're worried about safe drinking water when abroad, get yourself the SteriPen Traveler. Think of it like your portable water purifier. It can cleanse up-to 200 half-litre servings of water on just a set of AA batteries and allows you to store the water in a small bottle, which can easily fit in your backpack.

    (Though not available in India it can be ordered online for just $49.99)

  • 15 Gadgets to travel With

    Map My India

    If you are travelling in India, Map My India could be your best navigation bet. If you are looking for a hardware option then their navigator is one of the best for Indian conditions as it provides accurate maps and accurately triangulate your position too. But the hardware option is only good for cars. If you are on foot then you can always download their iOS or Android app, which also provides similar functionality.

    Price: $49.99 for the app




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