London 2012 pole vault: Olympics day 9 Google doodle

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London 2012 pole vault: Olympics day 9 Google doodle
London 2012 pole vault is the ninth London Olympics doodle, carrying on the tradition of a Google doodle every day of the Olympics.

The sport of pole vault involves athletes using a pole to jump (or vault) themselves over a set target defined by a metal bar.

The Google doodle depicts a female pole vaulter safely negotiating her set mark, high above the crowd and the stadium, even as the Google logo is partially visible in the backdrop.

Last Friday, the Google doodle had celebrated the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. The doodle 5 athletes playing different Olympic sports. On Saturday, the Google doodle had celebrated the sport of archery, with a female archer getting ready to aim for bull's eye.

Sunday's Google doodle celebrated the Olympic sport of diving. Monday and Tuesday were about fencing and gymnastics men's rings respectively. Wednesday it was the turn of field hockey, the first time the sport found its way into a Google doodle. The sport of table tennis or ping pong was depicted on Thursday. This Friday it was the turn of shot put.

Google has a rich history of Olympics related doodles. In 2008, there was a doodle celebrating the opening ceremony of the Bejing Olympics on Aug 8, 2008. This doodle showed the five Beijing Olympics mascots - BeiBei, JingJing, HuanHuan, YingYing and NiNi - carrying the Olympic flag.

Each day in 2008 saw different Google doodles being released. It is expected that this year too Google will stay true to its tradition and come out with a series of doodles spread across the fifteen days of the Olympics.

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