Best-Selling Room Heaters to Buy in India This Winter Season: Check Price, Other Details

Room heaters nowadays are available in many different types, including fan heaters, heat convectors, and oil-filled heaters.

Best-Selling Room Heaters to Buy in India This Winter Season: Check Price, Other Details

This buying guide will help choose the best room heater for you

  • Fan heaters are the most affordable option to buy
  • For a personal use case, you can pick a halogen heater
  • Oil-filled heaters are the best if you have kids or pets at home

With places like Delhi seeing record low temperatures, everyone is scrambling to find best room heaters or best blowers this winter. While warm clothes and hot drinks certainly make it easier to deal with the chilly weather, a room heater is a great solution to stay warm in your home or office. The market is full of room heaters options, starting from as heater prices low as Rs. 500. There are also various types of room heaters that can meet your specific requirements, but they all do one thing very well – keep you warm in this cold season.

In this article, we're defining the types of room heaters available in India today and the best-sellers in each segment in India to help you find the most suitable option for your requirement.

Best-selling room heaters in India

Fan heaters

Fan heaters are the most commonly found room heaters in developing countries, including India. Their affordability is the key reason behind their popularity. But their portable size is another advantage, which makes it easy to carry them from one room to another. Fan heaters includes an electric coil that generates the heat and then that heat is blown using a fan. They're good enough to warm the cold air in a few minutes, but their warmth vanishes quickly after they are switched off. The availability of the fan also makes fan heaters create a noisy environment.


1. Orpat OEH-1220
The Orpat OEH-1220 is one of the best-selling fan heaters on platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. It is designed for a room size of up to 250 square feet and has the option to switch heat settings between 1,000 and 2,000 watts. The heater also comes with safety cut-off and overheat protection. It comes with a non-sagging and stitching type heating element.

Price: Rs. 1,120 on Amazon | Rs. 1,148 on Flipkart

2. Orpat OEH-1260
Similar to the Orpat OEH-1220, the Orpat OEH-1260 is an affordable fan heater that is meant for spot heating in a room size of up to 250 square feet. The heater has safety cut-off and thermal cut-off features and includes two heat settings. There is also a variable thermostat setting. Furthermore, the heater can be used as a table fan.

Price: Rs. 1,445 on Amazon | Rs. 1,448 on Flipkart

3. Singer Heat Blow
If you don't want an Orpat fan heater, you can pick the Singer Heat Blow fan heater that has a vertical/ horizontal standing design. The heater comes with a built-in thermostat and includes a thermal cut-out feature for safety. Similar to the Orpat models, it comes with two distinct heating options and consumes up to 2,000 watts of power. There is also an easy-to-carry handle.

Price: Rs. 1,449 on Amazon and Flipkart

4. Lifelong Flare
The Lifelong Flare is also amongst the best-selling fan heaters. It comes with a 2,400 RPM motor with copper winding and can be placed vertically or horizontally. There is a knob to adjust heat settings with Cool, Warm, and Hot options. The heater also has a thermostat to enable temperature control. Further, it is designed to throw hot air in a range of 10 feet. The heater comes with a power consumption of up to 2,000 watts.

Price: Rs. 999 on Amazon

5. Usha FH 3628 PTC
Apart from the popular options offered by Orpat, Singer, and Lifelong, the Usha FH 3628 PTC is another best-selling fan heater available in the market. It comes with two adjustable heating positions with 1,000 and 1,800 watts of power consumption. The heater also includes a fall protection switch and has a thermal cut out. Moreover, the unique design of the Usha heater makes it stand out in the competition.

Price: Rs. 3,650 on Amazon | Rs. 3,125 on Flipkart

Heat convectors

After fan heaters, heat convectors are a popular type of room heaters. They also include a heating element -- just like fan heaters. However, instead of simply using a fan to throw the heat from the body, heat convectors wait for hot air to grow and be replaced by cool air in the environment. This process provides warm air more evenly than fan heaters. However, unlike fan heaters, heat convectors perform the action slowly. They include a blower that circulates the air but generates some noise, too. Moreover, heat convectors are not as affordable as fan heaters, thanks to the additional process they use to generate heat.


1. Usha HC 812 T
The Usha HC 812T is one of the best-selling heat convectors in the market today. It comes with thermostat control and includes a twin-blade fan. The heater also has three heating positions and two fan speeds. It features a stand that lets you adjust the position of heating air. Moreover, the heat convector consumes up to 2,000 watts of power.

Price: Rs. 2,344 on Amazon | Rs. 2,199 on Flipkart

2. Bajaj Majesty RX10
Similar to the heat convector from Usha, the Bajaj Majesty RX10 is also a popular heat convector that offers two heat settings with a power consumption of up to 2,000 watts. The heat convector can be placed vertically or horizontally. Also, it includes a thermostat, auto thermal cut out, and a thermal fuse. You can also adjust the speed of the blower.

Price: 2,790 on Amazon | Rs. 2,695 on Flipkart

3. Bajaj Blow Hot
The Bajaj Blow Hot is another highly selling heat convectors from Bajaj. The model includes two heat settings and can consume up to 2,000 watts of power. You can switch between Cool, Warm, and Hot air settings. Further, there is a thermostat along with an auto thermal cut-off feature.

Price: Rs. 1,799 on Amazon | Rs. 1,740 on Flipkart

4. Venus HC2000
If you're looking for an option other than Usha and Bajaj, the Venus HC2000 is one of the most popular heat convectors in the market. It has two heat settings with a power consumption of up to 2,000 watts. The heat convector also includes a safety thermostat control and features a twin turbo design. There is a handle to let you easily move the heat convector even when it's operational. Also, you can adjust its height through the built-in stand.

Price: Rs. 2,499 on Amazon | Rs. 2,400 on Flipkart

5. RVA 2000W Blower Room Heater
For the customers who're looking for convenience while purchasing a heat convector, there is the RVA 2000W Blower Room Heater, which is essentially a heat convector with a remote control. It comes with two different power settings, overheat protection, and an adjustable base. The red-colour body of the RVA 2000W Blower Room Heater also makes it a distinct option.

Price: Rs. 4,650 on Amazon

Radiant room heaters

Unlike fan heaters and heat convectors, radiant room heaters use halogen rods to radiate heat -- without using a fan. These heaters aren't useful if you want to heat the entire room. Instead, radiant room heaters are effective when you're sitting close to them. They're as affordable as heat convectors and aren't big consumers of electricity. However, the light they emit to radiate heat is often too bright too provide you a comfortable feel for a long time. They're still an advisable option for the users who have dust allergies and aren't recommended to use a fan-based solution.


1. Glen Halogen Heater 7018
The Glen Halogen Heater 7018 is one of the best-selling radiant heaters online in India. It comes with three distinct heat settings -- 400 watts, 800 watts, and 1,200 watts. There is also a wide-angle oscillation support for better coverage. The heater also has a child safety mesh at the front. The company has provided a carry handle to you easily move the heater around your room. Further, there is a safety tip-over switch which shuts down the machine if it gets knocked or lifted. Users can also replace the halogen tubes by removing the mesh.

Price: Rs. 2,195 on Amazon

2. Sunflame SF 932

The Sunflame SF 932 is another popular radiant heater that comes with three halogen rods and a maximum power consumption of 1,200 watts. The heater has a wire mesh for child safety and includes an overheat protection feature. There is also a wide-angle oscillation support.

Price: Rs. 2,450 on Flipkart

3. Maharaja Whiteline Lava
Maharaja Whiteline has the Lava halogen heater as a popular option in the market. The Maharaja Whiteline Lava is meant for a room size of up to 150 square feet. It includes three halogen rods that work with three different heat settings. The heater also has 180-degree rotation and consumes up to 1,200 watts of power. Unlike the options from Glen and Sunflame, the Maharaja Whiteline heater has a new design that comes in a combination of white and red colours.

Price: Rs. 2,499 on Amazon | Rs. 2,749 on Flipkart

4. IBS HJ-600-1
If you're looking for a compact solution, there is the IBS HJ-600-1 mini radiant heater with a single halogen rod. It comes with a tip-over switch and overheat protection and consumes 290 watts of power. The room heater has a metal frame that might get warmth over time. Its small design makes it a good option as a hand warmer or a personal heater.

Price: Rs. 1,499 on Flipkart

Quartz heaters

Just like radiant heaters, quartz heaters don't require a fan to spread heat. They, instead, use a quartz tube that comes with a heating filament. Although quartz heaters are available in mass quantities in the market for quite some time, these are not recommended especially if you have kids or pets as they may get harmed by touching the grill. They also often produce oil burning smell and smoke during their initial runs. But nonetheless, quartz heaters offer cost-effective heating in rooms -- even cheaper than what you would get from a halogen rod-based radiant heater.


1. GT Gloptook
The GT Gloptook is a cheap quartz heater and is one of the best-selling options on the market. The heater comes with a single quartz rod that consumes 2,000 watts of power. It also features a chrome-plated mesh grid to protect from accidental burns to some extent. Further, there is a tilt-leg design.

Price: 799 on Amazon

2. V-Guard RH2Q-1000
The V-Guard quartz room heater is another popular option that comes with two quartz rods and consumes 800 watts of power. The room heater comes with an overheat cut-off protection and includes two heat settings.

Price: 1,100 on Amazon

Oil-filled heaters

The last major type of room heaters are the oil-filled heaters. These are the most reliable yet the priciest options. Unlike any other types of room heaters, oil-filled heaters use an electric current to heat the pre-filled thermal oil and circulate it around the fins. This brings a radiator-like effect and generates heat that stays in the room for a long time. The presence of oil makes the oil-filled heater a less compact and heavy solution. They take longer time than a fan heater or a heat convector to warm up. Nevertheless, if you have kids or pets at home, you should go with an oil-filled heater over the other options.


1. Havells OFR 11
The Havells OFR 11 is one of the best-selling oil-filled heaters on the market. It comes with a wave fin design to deliver faster heating. The heater also includes HD320 grade oil that is claimed to last longer and provide better efficiency. There is overheat protection and a tilt-over switch for safety. The heater also has a caster wheel for easy mobility and comes with a fan dispense heat across the room. Moreover, it consumes up to 2,900 watts of power.

Price: Rs. 12,499 on Amazon | Rs. 12,799 on Flipkart

2. Usha OFR 3209
If you don't want to spend on the Havells option, there is the Usha OFR 3209. The oil-filled heater also comes with a tip-over switch and overheat protection. Further, it comes with wheels and features a knob to adjust heat generation.

Price: Rs. 9,599 on Amazon | Rs. 8,399 on Flipkart

3. Morphy Richards OFR 09
Morphy Richards also has the OFR 09 oil-filled heater that comes with a maximum power consumption of 2,000 watts. The heater comes with nine fins and comes with castor wheels. Also it includes a thermostat.

Price: Rs. 6,859 on Amazon | Rs. 8,599 on Flipkart

Before buying a room heater, you should check its warranty and power consumption. It is also important to consider safety features such as thermostat and temperature protection. Furthermore, brands often highlight standards-compliance marks such as an ISI mark that you should take into account while making your buying decision.

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