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Nokia 8.1

Nokia 8.1 mobile with 6.18-inch 1080x2244 display powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor alongside 4GB of RAM and 12-megapixel + 13-megapixel rear camera.

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  • the review is very biased. the model sports google camera which produces best quality images. Try and see for yourself.
    Kollin Baxter (Feb 25, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    This site I dunnowhy always praises the oneplus and iphones. Nokia 8.1 has the best low light images in it's class.
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  • Best Nokia Smartphone
    Sheth Kushal 007 (Jul 30, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    This is a best smartphone, specially design, camera, and Performance. Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC does the job perfectly Not like oppo and Vivo where the performance is avarage just camera is ok(but also there is a face smoothening is done,Lol.) Nokia 8.1's camera is having a Zeiss Optics,by which it is taking quite sharp images. Design is perfect but sleepery, No notch and slightly thick bazzels on top and bottom but that is not an issue. Android One certification means regular security updates and software updates for 3 years and 2 years respectively. Battery life is 1 and a half day with moderate usage. Multitasking is upto the mark. I am not a game lover,but PUBG runs on the high settings by default. Display is stunning. Loudspeaker (Bottom) is Okay not to loud and Earphones output is also okay,but with Ozo sound technology the feel of the music is quite good. Best part of the phone ,No Bloatware and No ads like Xiomi(Redmi) Inshort design(9/10), 📷 (8/10), 📷 with gcam(10/10), software (10/10), performance (9/10), audio (8/10), Hardware (10/10), Pricing (8/10-slightly overpriced) Overall rating - 9/10 Recommendations from Me- 10/10 Thanks Kushal Sheth (sky informatics)
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  • Best Mid Range Phone
    Grishma 17 (Dec 12, 2018) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Nokia....The Name is enough. Perfect Phone
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  • My best friend
    Mami Tbc (Jun 11, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Nokia is the best for me
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  • competitor
    Bhayanak Attma (Dec 8, 2018) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    If it price under 18,000 or 20,000 rs it gonna compete mi,realme,honor and asus in India
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  • Fantastic Phone
    N.VIJAY Gopalan (Nov 3, 2019) on Gadgets 360
    I have been using my new Nokia 8.1 for about a month. This is my third smart phone. I am extremely happy with Nokia 8.1. Whether it's display, or camera, or audio quality, or call quality, or battery performance, or user friendly features, or the looks, I can say that Nokia 8.1 is an unbeatable phone. It's a prestige to own a Nokia 8.1.
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  • nokia 8.1 mobile
    Shaik Alibaba (Jan 1, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    good phone
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  • Best mobile in every way
    Vikas Singh (Jan 8, 2020) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    U can go for nokia 8.1 without any hesitation. U can compare its came with iphonex. So clear and real and crispy images. HDR10 display is also superb
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  • Nokia 8.1 camera is awosome
    Lijo Peter (Apr 1, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    nice camera and good build quality
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  • Good product.
    Dodo The Beagle (Dec 22, 2018) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Nice product for everyone to use.
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  • Reviewer \
    Mammad Mammadli (Dec 6, 2018) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Apparently, it's one of the best Nokia ever released after Lumia series.
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  • Worse changing slot
    Pharung (Jan 27, 2021) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Everything is supurb starting from camera megapixel clearity to storage, except not charging properly problem and not detecting USB while connecting to laptops and desktops.
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  • Battery life
    Arvinth SSM (Jun 16, 2019) on Gadgets 360
    Battery durability isn't that much greater when compared other models of 3500mah. I watched videos in online for 3.15hrs in 3g at 480pixel battery gets drained From 85% to 35% which not completely satisfied at all. I did same comparison with Sony Z1 gets drained to 61% From 92% which is for4.5years old Phones..
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  • Don't purchase any nokia phone
    A Mallikarjun (Nov 6, 2019) on Gadgets 360
    In my family we all are Nokia mobile users for that experience i'm writing this please don't purchase any released brand go for any other best because you will get a software and touch related problems with in an year and service/customer centers also lag your problems up to your warranty period expires after that they will charge from you with that changing amount you will get a new phone obviously trust me i used 6.1,6.1 plus 6.2.
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  • Nokia 8.1. box of problems
    Waseem Akram (Aug 28, 2019) on Gadgets 360
    I bought Nokia 8.1 from Abu Dhabi international airport when I was coming from Sydney. It cost me 407 USD for 64 GB handset. But unfortunately, I use only single sim and most of the time it cause trouble with network. My 4g network disappeared and 3g star working. Before I thought that is is my cellular problem. then port my no. Into Airtel but unfortunately, is was my phone which causing the problem. Moreover, my charging jack is not working properly. It is been only 6 months then I went to Nokia service centre to get the problem fixed. They said the jack has to replace. And it will cost me 1650 rupees. I ask them for warranty but they refused. They said the warranty is country wise. This is a shit. Before I use Apple and I never get any trouble in that brand. Most of the time I am on traveling so I used to buy gadgets from different countries but this is the first time happened with me that I brought a Shit to my home. I hope this is enough for you. I was a big fan of Nokia but this is a great disappointment for me. I never recommend Nokia to anyone on future. This was my first and last mistake with Nokia.
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  • Highly recommended
    Sameer Keshav (Oct 20, 2019) on Flipkart
    pros - camera is awsm, premium look, 4 gab ram too good, no heating issue,battery backup is best... ignore negative reviews.. this phone is a great deal at 15k... android 10 is superfast.. like filpkart delievery services...go for it... and NO CONS...
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  • Just wow!
    Siva G (Oct 21, 2019) on Flipkart
    Good build quality feels quite heavy
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  • Well done Nokia
    Nishant Mishra (Jul 13, 2019) on Amazon
    I am switching from iOS to Android after 5years and honestly speaking this Nokia 8.1 is true gem. Feel premium after holding it. It felt Camera a bit slow and low light performance is little down but overall at this price range no one can beat it. Stock Android and security updates will keep you secure and uodated. Fingerprint reader is great and far better than iOS I can say. Display is brilliant. Battery backup is one day if you continuosly use internet and watch videos and listen to music.Overall you will feel good after using this awesome Nokia 8.1. build quality and material will keep you speechless. A bit slippery though if you don't use cover but believe me it looks great without cover only. So if you can handle it with little care you must use it without cover. Sound quality and earphone is quite good. Earphone looks premium and have crisp sound and well balanced bass.Must go for it.
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  • No. 1 smart phone of 2019
    Piku (Jul 18, 2019) on Amazon
    Phone is just awesome. Battery life is too good. Camera clicks perfect
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  • Super!
    Saikat Mahapatra (Nov 24, 2019) on Flipkart
    Writing after using it 5 days. (1) In hand feel : Device size is very handy. Almost one hand operatable. I feel holding some premium device. (2) Build Quality : 10/10 (Suggesting to use a cover case, tempered glass) (3) Overall Performance: 10/10 (I don't play game) (4) Display : 10/10 Best eye shooting display. Display notch is not a big issue for me. Even iPhone 10 has such display, This type of notch looks classic for me than water drop notch. You can disable notch from display settings. (5) Ear Piece/Call clarity : 10/10 Crystal clear (6) Speaker: 9/10 audio is too clear & loud (not louder like Chinese phone) (7) Cellular Reception : 10/10 (8) Battery : 7/10 I had one doubt regarding 3500mAh battery. I have read all battery related videos and review of Nokia 8.1 & in all review I found some mixed feedback of battery. Before buying I was worried how 3500 mah battery survive a day where Nokia claim its having 2 days backup. I think I need to explain more about battery. So here is my device statistics- - I'm a stock android user. I don't play any games. Not a heavy user, I use mobile for day to day uses like voice call, WhatsApp, watching YouTube/other streaming videos at bed time, use necessary app when required. - I use Jio 4G(primary SIM for call, data, sms) , Airtel SIM. - Adaptive brightness is disabled. I Set brightness to 10-20% - Location is disabled. I enable it whenever required. - Always data is on. Not connected to wifi network. - Approximately 70+ app are installed Lets assume today's (my weekend) scenario. I fully charged device on 7am & travelled 5-6 km for shopping and now when writing review at night 1.30am having 30% battery. As of now I got 7 hrs + of Screen On Time. (view screenshot for app wise battery uses). I'm happy with it but I have carry power bank for emergency purpose. So, you might get 1 day to 1.5 days backup based on your uses. If you use single SIM you will get better battery life. (9) Camera 10/10: Pic, videos quality is awesome. Don't judge camera by megapixel. Post image processing is the final results of photo. Here it's awesome. It's having OIS, EIS. So videos are also super. (10) Charging : 9/10. It comes with 18W fast charger. Fast charging done based one few conditions. If the device is connected to adapter and screen is off or device is switched off then fast charging done and it take 45 min from 50% to 100% Cons- 1) As of now there is no issues found. 2) But this could have been better if Nokia provide 4000mah battery. 3) Most of the premium phone provides LED notification but Nokia skipped it.
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  • Terrific purchase
    Hari Pavan Kongara (Oct 21, 2019) on Flipkart
    classiest mobile ever
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  • Best in the market!
    Chaudhari Dhruv (Oct 21, 2019) on Flipkart
    best smartphone in its range
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  • Excellent
    SAHID AHMED LASKAR (Feb 7, 2019) on Flipkart
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  • Must buy!
    Abhishek Roy (Mar 7, 2019) on Flipkart
    very good phone but the price is lil high,
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    Suraj (May 11, 2019) on Amazon
    HONEST REVIEW ....HOPE IT HELPS1. Bought Nokia 8.1, blue a month back. Previously used Samsung Galaxy Note 5, iPhone 7.2. PS: I somehow just don't have a taste for these Chinese brands which claim to be selling phones in millions, with top specs (on paper) & cheap prices.3. And I believe if a smartphone from a *REPUTED BRAND* is making right noises in a social media driven world of 2019, can be bought without hesitations. Coming to my review:4. Design: It's Nokia....Oozes class. Beautiful, sturdy, easy to handle, & proudly carrying *MADE IN INDIA* logo. One of the best looker smartphones. Notch could have been smaller, but that's pardonable.5. Display: Fantastic. Crisp & sharp. Somehow it looks very similar to color production of Samsung's AMOLED screens- dark blacks, punchy Colors.6. Performance: Smooth, very responsive, no lags at all. Don't know how it would fare in the 'inter mobile speed race competition' (if that's a criteria for you) but in day to day usage, it's not at all slow by any means....Pure Google Android 9 (on April security patch), coupled with almost flagship SD 710 processor, works like "makkhan".....7. Camera: Very very good. Not much short of flagship performance. Quite good in low light too (as per smartphone standards).8. Battery: Outstanding. Heaviest use would see through full day. Otherwise add another half a day. Avg screen time- 7 to 8 hrs. Takes 2 hrs to charge from 10% to 100%.9. Rest basic features like GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi....all work smooth, without any sort of issues. Speakers are OK.10. It's a Nokia Flagship after all. Haven't seen a single negative review on any of the prominent tech websites. Had researched a lot before purchasing. And after actually using it, I am all the more impressed. Personal opinion- THE BEST PHONE OUT THERE BELOW Rs 30,000. It's a fantastic package overall. Though the smartphone market is really coming on its own with numerous good choices available. Decide wisely.....
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  • Value-for-money
    Imtiyaz Beleem (Oct 21, 2019) on Flipkart
    nice product but Nokia still can improve many things in the system. Nokia doesn't provide any application lock system. however it's look and performance makes it superb.
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  • Good quality product
    Jai Kumar.r Kumar (Oct 20, 2019) on Flipkart
    super but more improve the battery life
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  • Does the job
    Rohit Gautam (Oct 20, 2019) on Flipkart
    decent phone with good body built.......
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  • Overall Superb !!
    Sushil Gaur (Jun 30, 2020) on Amazon
    Superb !!
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  • Nice
    Abhishek Meena (Jun 18, 2020) on Amazon
    Nice phone
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