5 Awesome Features of the Honor 5X

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5 Awesome Features of the Honor 5X

Android phones are aplenty these days. But few of them are made with the thought and precision of the Honor 5X. Here's what you need to know about the latest mid-range powerhouse from Honor. There's a surprising amount of care and testing that goes into the construction of this Rs. 12,999 smartphone. Here are its five most important features.

1. Safe and speedy fingerprint scanner
TheHonor 5X has the easiest fingerprint input program with just six steps to recognise your print. Once you've done that, you can unlock the device by placing your finger in any direction. This is because it supports 360-degree finger over the fingerprint scanner to unlock the device. And it's safe too. The Honor 5X stores the captured fingerprints and retrieves it using a decryption key. All fingerprint data is saved in the ARM Trust Zone environment in an encrypted format. Even if the phone is rooted or dismantled your fingerprint data is safe.


Also, it's fast. The Honor 5X has a multi-threaded unlock process which lets you unlock it in 0.5 seconds, making it the industry's fastest fingerprint scanner. You can launch your favourite apps or even call configured phone numbers with the fingerprint sensor too.

2. Classy metal body
Another great feature of the Honor 5X is its build quality. Constructed out of metal, its inspired by the Guggenheim Museum of Art - known as the world's most interesting and most beautiful museum museum, with one of the largest art galleries in the world. The phone's metal design, particularly its metal arced back coincides with the unusual curved design of the museum. Its metal brushed surface is in homage to the museum's many layers. This extends to the colour as well gold, grey and silver, all in appreciation of the museum's metal arcs.

In order to develop a metallic appearance serious consideration was given to the materials available. Only choice aircraft-grade aluminium along with the an ultra high-precision CNC machining diamond cutter, and robotic polishing methods were used in the construction of its body. The entire manufacturing effort is as elaborate and intricate as the phone's design consisting of using 26 major processes and 172 sub-processes.

3. Not just a pretty face
Looks aside, the Honor 5X is sturdy. Due to the use of an aluminium-magnesium alloy in the construction of its battery cover, it's tough and corrosion resistant. Internally, components are laid out to reduce electromagnetic waves. This is possible thanks to a tiny metal cover placed between components and a shielded box layout design to protect against heavy impact and increased resistance to bending. Even if you drop your device from one metre high, there won't be any damage to the Honor 5X's internal components. With a unique high-specification four metal processing technology and high quality aircraft-grade aluminium, it's as shockproof as it looks.

4. Antenna excellence
The Honor 5X has undergone strenuous antenna testing utilising Huawei's strengths in communication technology and antenna algorithms. Chances are, that in the same place, at the same time, with the same network, the Honor 5X will be able to get the best out of your connection allowing for a faster and smoother mobile Internet experience. This is possible thanks to a combo antenna that's build on a host of high-precision technology such as coupling and pattern separation. It's done to attune the Honor 5X for use depending on how you hold the phone, ensuring you get maximum network coverage at all times. The final design is a result of hundreds of tests to ensure consistency and quality.


5. Three card slot design
It's no surprise that the Honor 5X has a SIM card slot. But it allows you to use two SIMs as well as an SD card at the same time. This is possible due to a three card slot design. What's more is that it supports upto 128GB SD card storage. You can also use a micro or nano SIM without a hitch due to the slot that's designed for maximum compatibility. Plus, both slots are 4G compatible too, making it future-proof.


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