WWDC 2016: Highlights From Apple's Keynote Address

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And good luck.

Thank you everyone for following this live blog. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Goodbye.

And that is that. Cook just concluded the event.

Cook just called iOS 10 a gigantic release. The mother of all releases, he said.

Cook is back on stage. He's summarising all of today's announcements. We're close to the end of the keynote here.

The video showed people from across the world building apps.

The focus is on highlighting that coding is easy and accessible.

They're showing a video about how people started coding.

Swift Playgrounds developer preview is releasing today, public beta in July and the final release is scheduled for fall. It's a free app.

Apple has built a completely new coding keyboard for iPad. It has numbers and symbols used in Swift programming.

The app makes the programming language inviting for children who're learning to code.

Yes, this is a very kid-friendly app.

It's an iPad app to let people learn the programming language. Based on its design, it looks like the app is targeted at a young audience.

Apple just announced a new app for iPad. It's Swift Playgrounds.

More than 100,000 apps that have adopted the use of Swift code, Cook says.

He's talking about Swift, the programming language.

Tim Cook is back on stage.

iOS 10 developer preview is available today. Public beta in July, and iOS 10 release this fall.

He is focusing on privacy, how Apple uses end-to-end encryption by default, how deep learning happens on device, and how Apple isn't building user profiles based on searches.

Every major area of iOS is now open to developers: Federighi.

Federighi is talking about a couple of interesting features such as Notes collaboration, conversation view in Mails, Live Photos being editable, and Split View in Safari on iPad so you can open two websites side by side on your iPad via the browser.

You can even order food via iMessage, using one of its apps.

iMessage has an app drawer that lets you do things like add stickers.

Lots of interesting uses for this - such as sending payments.

iMessage now has apps. You can find apps for iMessage from the Messages app on iOS 10.

Apple is opening Messages to developers!

An effect called invisible ink lets you hide messages. Sliding over these messages reveals their contents. You can use this on photos as well.

Apple Music links show up as playable tracks inside Messages.

You can doodle on photos right within the Messages app.

When you tap on the emoji keyboard, words that can be replaced with emoji are automatically highlighted. This is a different approach to implementing emoji search.

Messages also supports handwriting bubbles, where you send handwritten messages.

Messages just got bubble effects. You can hide messages, make them show up with a large or small bubble effect, adding some tone to your messages.

You can tap emojifiable words to tap and replace words with emoji.

Emoji are now 3 times bigger. The keyboard also provides emoji predictions as you type.

It has rich links, means you can see link previews right inside the app.

You can play YouTube videos directly from the Messages app.

Number 10: Messages.

Contact cards, in the default Contacts app have been enhanced to let you send WhatsApp messages with just a tap.

Incoming calls via third-party apps such as WhatsApp now look just like regular/FaceTime calls.

Third party apps like Tencent can provide information like possible spam. Shows up right in the dialer.

You can get voicemail transcriptions of incoming calls.

Number 9: Phone.

You can set up automation like geofences like when you roll into the driveway, the garage door opens, Federighi says.

This is an app to control your smart home. The Home app is available in the Control Centre.

There's a new Home app on iOS 10.

Number 8: HomeKit.

The app got a redesign, and has introduced subscriptions. It also gets breaking news notifications. That's all there is to Apple News on iOS 10.

Over 2000 publications on Apple News and over 60 million monthly readers.

Number 7: Apple News.

Library, For You, Browse, Radio, and Search are the five tabs on the iOS 10 Music app.

The app's design looks a lot better than the previous version.

It features daily curated playlists as well.

The For You tab gets an overhaul.

Apple Music now has lyrics.

The new design focuses more on the music. With bold, large fonts for each section.

Redesigned from the ground up

Apple Music has 15 million paid subscribers.

Number six: Apple Music! Redesigned.

You can make reservations using apps like OpenTable or Zomato.

Apple Maps is now open to developers.

It shows suggestions of places you might want to visit based on your location, such as 10 mins to work.

All-new design coming to Apple Maps.

Number 5 is Maps.

Photos' updates are coming to Mac and Apple TV as well.

A new tab called Memories groups photos based on various algorithms. The interface looks good. Some photos are bigger, Federighi says special photos are highlighted.

It uses advanced deep learning to create photo albums based on location, trips, and topics such as on the water.

Advanced Computer Vision. This uses advanced deep learning to bring face recognition on the iPhone. This is done locally on your iPhone to protect your privacy.

Number four: Photos.

QuickType also supports multilingual typing. You can switch languages without switching keyboards.

If someone asks you for a contact, Siri can suggest email addresses or phone number. It can also help you paste recent addresses and help you schedule calendar events.

Apple is using deep learning to provide better keyboard suggestions.

The third big feature is QuickType - the default keyboard on iOS.

You can use Siri via third-party apps. This means you can use it to book cabs via Uber or Lyft, or to send messages via WhatsApp or Slack.

Siri has been opened up to developers.

Siri services over two billion requests a week.

Second big feature is Siri.

3D Touch shows a nice widget-like view of apps with details such as scores, workout data, etc.

Control Centre gets a special area for Music with nice big album art.

Notifications have been redesigned. You can clear all notifications with just a tap via 3D Touch. A much requested feature.

Federighi is showing how 3D Touch lets you accept or decline Calendar invites and send messages. All of this without unlocking the phone.

The lock screen notifications have been redesigned. A new feature called Raise to Wake, which shows you notifications if you just raise your phone.

Federighi said he wants to talk about 10 big features of iOS 10.

Now on to iOS 10.

macOS Sierra will be available to developers today. A public beta follows in July, with the final release in the Fall.

Federighi just asked Siri which movie is playing, found a movie, watched a trailer, and used Apple Pay to pay for it via the Mac.

You can even send Messages directly via Siri on Mac.

Image searches via Siri can be dragged into Keynote documents.

Siri can answer sophisticated queries such as finding files by tag. And it just answered a follow up question which hints that it picked up the context as well.

A Siri icon is in the dock on macOS Sierra.

Siri is coming to the Mac.

Apple Pay is expanding to more countries but India is not one of them.

When you shop online, you'll see a Pay with Apple Pay button and you can authenticate via Touch ID on your iPhone.

He's now talking about Apple Pay. Apple Pay is coming to the Web.

Optimized Storage - this feature lets you move old files to the cloud and just keeps new files locally.

There are 10 billion documents on iCloud Drive.

macOS Sierra introduced a Universal Clipboard. You can copy and paste things from iOS devices easily.

It's getting a new feature called Auto Unlock. You can unlock your Mac via your Apple Watch. As long as the device is close to your Mac.

The next version is called macOS Sierra.

OS X has been renamed macOS.

Craig Federighi is now on stage, to talk about OS X.

tvOS developer preview is available today and the free upgrade is available in the fall.

tvOS now has a dark mode. This is good news if you're using it in a dark room.

A new feature called Single sign-on lets you sign in once on Apple TV and access all cable apps. This feature is coming to iOS too, Cue said.

Apple has a new feature called live tune-in, which lets you quickly sign in to many channels.

Siri can now search YouTube!

Cue just said that Siri can search movies by topic, like, Find high school comedies from the 80s.

You can now control your Apple TV via your iPhone. It works just like the remote that ships with the Apple TV.

Cue is talking about new apps on Apple TV. Sling, Fox Sports Go (four games on one screen), Molotov (new TV service from France), and games such as NBA 2K, Minecraft Story Mode are some of the apps and games he mentioned.

tvOS now has 6,000 native apps and 1,300 video channels.

Eddy Cue is on stage to talk about tvOS.

watchOS 3 developer preview release is available today. The final version is coming this fall.

watchOS 3 lets developers use Apple Pay in third-party apps. Fitness apps can run in the background while you're working out.

If you're into meditation, this app will interest you a lot.

It helps you do breathing exercises to help you relax.

Apple has launched a brand new app for health with watchOS 3 - Breathe.

There will be two workouts in the Workout app only for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair users will see a Time to roll notification instead of an alert that asks them to stand. Neat!

The Activity app is introducing features geared for wheelchair users.

watchOS 3 has introduced activity sharing. You can share your workout data with family and friends. You can also send them messages to motivate or compete with them.

Apple just clarified that the emergency feature dials a different number based on where you are. Like 999 for Hong Kong.

All you need to do is press and hold the side button to call 911. No update on what it'll do in India, but should be useful even here.

This is a big one - the Apple Watch now has an SOS feature.

Scribble - the doodle to reply feature - works in English and Chinese.

There's also an Activity watch face that lets you quickly start workouts from the watch face itself.

If you have an Apple Watch, these improvements are a big deal.

Apple is talking up how all apps have been redesigned to make most actions accessible with just one tap.

There are new watch faces - including one called Minnie (based on Minnie Mouse).

Scribble is a new way to reply to messages. Just doodle on the screen to reply.

Replies are much faster in the Messages app. You don't have to tap reply.

You can swipe up from the bottom to access Control Centre, just like iOS.

You can choose which apps are in the dock.

The side button below the crown shows the dock for quick launch of apps.

watchOS 3's big focus is on performance. He just showed an app called Onefootball. It launched slowly on watchOS 2, but on watchOS 3, the launch was instant!

Lynch just said watchOS apps will respond instantly.

Apple's Kevin Lynch is on stage now to talk about watchOS.

The App Store got 130 billion downloads and Apple has paid out almost 50 billion dollars to developers: Cook.

The App Store now has 2 million apps. Eight years ago that was just 500 apps.

Now Cook is talking about the App Store.

The youngest developer is only 9 years old.

Apple has awarded 350 scholarship for the next generation of developers. 120 attendees under 18 years are at WWDC.

This is the 27th WWDC. Apple now has 13 million registered developers.  Over 5000 attendees are at WWDC 2016, with people from 74 countries (including us from India).

Hello and welcome to WWDC 2016, Cook says, kicking off the keynote.

Cook is talking about the Orlando massacre. And he's called for a moment of silence to honour the victims.

Cook just got a big applause from the crowd.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage.

The event has begun.

Only about 9 minutes to go.

Beats 1 radio playing in the background at the venue as we wait for Apple to begin the keynote.

WWDC 2016 begins in 15 minutes and we're bringing you updates live from San Francisco. Stay tuned.

The keynote begins in half an hour. We've taken our seats in the packed auditorium.

If you can't catch the live stream, you're in the perfect place. Our live blog will bring you to-the-second coverage from San Francisco, starting 2230 hours IST. Stay tuned.

If you want to catch the WWDC 2016 keynote live stream, our super quick guide has you covered.

We're also expecting an upgrade to Apple's voice assistant Siri.

That means that iOS 10 and a new version of OS X (which could be renamed to macOS) should be a big part of the event.

The rumour mill hints that there will be no hardware related announcements at WWDC 2016, with the focus being on software.

Gadgets 360 is at the venue to bring you live coverage.

Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 is scheduled to begin at 2230 hours IST in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California.

Apple's WWDC 2016 keynote begins at 10.30 pm IST on Monday, June 13. The company is expected to announce several big updates to its software at the event. If you can't watch the live stream, our live blog above is all you need for to-the-second updates.

The biggest announcements are likely to be related to iOS 10, the upcoming version of Apple's operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Photos app is likely to get upgrades and we may also see some design changes.

The other major announcement could be related to Siri. Apple could allow third-party apps to integrate Siri into their platforms. This could allow you to ask Siri to send messages via WhatsApp, among other things. Siri could also arrive on OS X, making it accessible via Macs.

If you use Apple Music, you might be pleased to know that Apple is likely to announce some kind of a revamp. Whether it will improve the dreaded iTunes app remains to be seen. The social network within Apple Music - Connect - could get less prominence too.

OS X's name could be changed to macOS, which could allign it with how other Apple operating systems are spelled - iOS, tvOS, and watchOS being some examples.

The final big rumour is that iMessage could come to Android. If that happens, then it could be good news for those who'd like to use Apple's services on other platforms.

On the hardware front, rumours hint that a new version of Apple Watch could be announced along with an upgraded Thunderbolt display. As always you can follow the live blog to see exactly what Apple announces, as soon as it's announced.


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